oh.  sweet.  lord.

i think i just figured out my serialization seminar paper.

this is monumental.  i have pages and pages and pages of notes.  about four computer files labeled “brainstorming.”  the transcripts of two separate class presentations i gave on the topic.  two responses from my professor.  piecing it all together has been a process that makes me feel dead inside.  just ask danny, and he will tell you how while writing this paper i turned into a freakish version of myself — all bleary-eyed and blood-thirsty and imbalanced. 

and now i’ve done it! 

by jove!

it makes me wonder…  what happened tonight that wasn’t happening all of those other nights when i couldn’t figure it out?  maybe the secret lies in the fact that i was eating peanut butter bread.  from now on, i’m going to eat peanut butter bread all the time while researching and writing.  i’ll get fat, but i’ll get published!

this reminds me of a post i saw on a community for graduate students in literature… someone mentioned that he could only write a paper if continually listening to the song “tears of a clown.”  at least peanut butter is delicious and not horribly horribly annoying.


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