well, i’m nose-deep in paper-writing.  this is certainly the most miserable time in my semester, when i begin to question if all of these professors really know how unqualified i am to be in graduate school at all.  that magical time when all i do is eat, work frantically for an hour or two, and then maybe cry for a while.  guh i hate hate hate writing my seminar papers.  hate hate hate hate hate. 


i have hope (perhaps a naive hope) that the writing process for my dissertation will be different, because that is something that is completely focused on my interests, will be key in getting a job, etc. seminar papers sometimes just feel useless and artificial.  and yay these are my last seminars papers EVA!

the good news is that the new HBO series elizabeth I starts tonight.  the last thing i really need is to be addicted to another television show, but i can’t resist.  there is something i find strangely sexy about jeremy irons, even though he is old.  and what makes my irons-love even creepier is that it began when i saw him in lolita, when he played the creepy humbert.  but lolita is one of my favorite books of all time.  so maybe this irons-love is just some displaced nabokov-love.  and i can’t make   sexy by any stretch of my imagination.

i just found out that jeremy irons was born in the same year as my parents.


i have a list of fun things i’m going to do when i’m done, including spending a day sitting out by the pool with my pasty pasty self reading girlie magazines.  and watching a reality television marathon.  and shopping for a very cute summer dress for tom and katie’s wedding.  and finding some shoes and hairpins for my wedding.  in the meantime, i’ll be workingworkingworking, daydreaming about may 10, when all of this will be over. 


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  1. do you think nabakov was a pedophile? he wrote about that subject quite frequently, it seemed.

    you know, i am both a fan of pale fire and lolita (more so of the first) but it sort of annoys me how much and how many people are obsessed with the latter.

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