one of the best things about living in houston is not the giant mirror-tiled armadillo on kirby drive, which many people would suppose, or even the twelve spanish channels i get through time warner, but in fact the multiple locations of half-price books. i love half-price books, because (a) hello! the books are half price! and (b) there usually aren’t any annoying droves of teeny-bopper people chillin on saturday nights like you find at borders or barnes and noble. plus it smells not just like books but like used books. like books filled with marginalia. mmmmmm old book smell.

last week i received a mailer from half-price books with a coupon for every day this week, beginning with 20% off. and the last coupon in the batch is for 50% off, which is just too much excitement for me! i can’t handle it!

i’ve already bought two victorian biographies (one of queen victoria and the second called eminent victorians) by lytton strachey. the plan was to buy either mysteries of udolpho by anne radcliffe or a collection of thomas hardy’s poetry, but i couldn’t find editions of either that didn’t look like they’d passed through the bowels of a sumo wrestler. i’m trying a different location this afternoon. i’ve also got my eye out for any critical heritage books for 19th century authors, since they’re extremely useful to have and usually difficult to find. yay half-price books!

i’ve also decided on one of my summer projects. you know, besides finishing planning the wedding and moving in with danny and working and not losing my mind. i’m finally — FINALLY — going to get around to doing some of the research on mother-child and father-child relationships in the 19th century that i’ve been wanting to do since i came to grad school. part of this will require going to austin to use UT’s monstrous library, and i better get this done while danny still lives 45 minutes from austin so i can have a free place to stay.

big plans. big plans.


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