lately on mornings when i don’t have to go to campus first thing i’ve been staying in my pajamas and working at my desk with a cookie and a cup of coffee.  i haven’t had a coke for breakfast for many many moons (i’m trying to cut back — next i’ll eliminate my mid-day soda).  and while i realize a cup of coffee and a cookie aren’t the best thing for breakfast, i’m taking baby steps.  baby steps, people.

this morning i substituted a banana for the cookie.  i’m feeling pretty damn good about that.

so life is nuts in that “oh god my papers are due in a few weeks” way.  and also nuts in the “wow danny is moving to houston in a few weeks” way.  the last of my seminar papers EVA are due on may 10,* and after that i may be able to join the land of the living.  or at least the land of the blogging.

unfortunately amid the stress-storm i’ve become addicted to bibliophil, which is a website that allows you to keep track of your library — what books you’ve read, own, want to read, want to own, etc.  it’s going to take me about 39842089 years to enter in everything i’ve read, but i’m thinking this is a positive thing for me, as i often forget not only what happens in a book but if i’ve read it at all.

but for now i’m off to work again.  scheduled for this morning is to finish my class discussion/lecture notes on northanger abbey.  something very shocking indeed will soon come out in london!

* i’m actually happy with the topics i ended up with this semester: for enlightenment i’m writing about lord rochester, jonathan swift, and venereal disease.  for serialization i’m going the woman in white, authorship, and crime.


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    • no, although that’s really interesting to me. the swift portion of the paper is kind of dominated by the rochester portion, which relies on a historical reading of venereal disease (victorians love the historical readings).

      • i was supposed to read jane eyre, but i never did. however, i remember people always seeming to forget that uh, ROCHESTER also had syphilis by implication. i’m interested in reading that modern adaptation of jane eyre from the perspective of the caribbean wife, i don’t remember what it’s called.

        have you read “the country wife”? i enjoyed it a lot.

      • you’re thinking of wide sargasso sea, by rhys? i haven’t read it, but it’s on my summer reading list.

        no — i haven’t read “the country wife.” maybe i should put that on the list, too…

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