i went to visit danny this weekend for his birthday (happy birthday, danny!), and we drove up to austin on saturday afternoon, after i had finished a draft of my seminar paper for patten.*  while in austin we went to barton creek mall, and i bought a pair of reefs.  i have been advised to buy these flip-flops by many, including gtwnbeth.

i am probably the last person of my generation to buy a pair of reefs, just as i was the last person of my generation to buy a george foreman grill.  but i have already decided that these are the best flip-flops EVER.  and this is coming from a girl who never thought she’d spend more than $5 on flip-flops.

we also went out to eat at IHOP.  and dining at an IHOP in killeen, texas is usually an intensification of the rudeness, grease, and screaming-children experience you can have at any IHOP establishment anywhere in the country.  and yet strangely… we had a polite waitress.  a polite waitress at IHOP!  i feel somehow dissatisfied.  of course, the couple sitting behind us was attached at the face and there were about 4343897 babies running around with stained tee-shirts, playing with the newspaper dispensers in a manner that assured some severed fingers.  and the syrup was sitting in a puddle of its own goo.  so all was not lost.

and now another week begins.

* this was one of my worst academic experiences ever.  small mammals died.


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