so i’m not sure i have any lj readers who are also project runway fans… BUT

chloe, who won this past season, is from houston, texas.  and during the show she mentioned her boutique, called lot 8.  and today i saw it.  yeah, it’s in rice village!  two blocks from school!  how random is that?

that is all.


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    • i haven’t been in the store, actually. i just drove by yesterday. but apparently they’re “showing” her collection there on friday. maybe i’ll stop by.

      it completely rubs me the wrong way, but i actually think i liked santino’s collection the best. i liked chloe’s, and i thought some of daniel v’s was good, but i, like you, was disappointed. and i totally loved daniel’s stuff during the rest of the show!

      • i’m really into innovative cuts, and i think chloe’s collection (from what i remember) had some really interesting designs as far as that goes. santino’s is probably closer to what i like, EXPECT of high fashion though–much more flamboyant. also, his personality is so funny.

      • i remember one dress in particular of chloe’s that had great cut-outs in the back… i think grace wore it. but i have to say, i didn’t really dig the enormous bright-pink thing that went out first…

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