an open letter to a starbucks cupcake:

there was a time in my life when i thought that no overpriced chain coffee store delicacy could hold a candle to the espresso brownie.  yesterday, new stabucks chocolate cupcake, you proved me wrong.  you overshadowed the paltry brownie with your moist cakey goodness.  with your fudgey ganache icing.  and your delicate chocolate shavings… oh the shavings!

new starbucks chocolate cupcake, you are love in individual pastry form.  you are better than super bowl commercials involving streaking sheep.  you are better than a precise extra-fine v5 pen.  you are better than world peace.  you are better than ending world hunger.

in fact, new starbucks chocolate cupcake, we should end world hunger with you, the most perfect cupcake.


One thought on “

  1. thank you for posting the link to this entry in your most latest entry–i chide myself for not commenting back in february, but i took agree that the starbucks cupcake is the new gee-zeus (though i prefer the lemon, personally).

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