i have not updated in some time.  this is due to the absurd amount of reading i’ve had over the past few weeks.  but today i received the wonderful news that i will not be teaching tristram shandy next week as planned and instead will be teaching on memoirs of emma courtney and northanger abbey post-spring break.  this information saved my life.  i love my professor like a fat kid loves pie.

but because my mind is muddled after readingreadingreadingreadingreading, i will organize this post in the lazy numbered manner:

1.  i discovered today that rice is funding a week-long trip to london for an entire undergraduate art history class.  i do not begrudge said undergrads their london trip.  i just want one, too.

2.  danny and i printed out our save-the-date cards this weekend and they look fantastic.  and since the fabulous design was free, the whole she-bang is only costing us about $40.  we are masters of thrift.  masters i say!

3.  i have a suspicious bump in the inside of my left wrist that is growing larger as the weeks progress.  i suspect it is a cyst, as danny, strangely, had a similar bump grow on his wrist a few weeks ago.  (we’re not even sharing an apartment yet, and we’re sharing mysterious bodily phenomena.)  i realize that i need to go to the doctor about it, and i actually have great respect for the rice health center, but at the moment the thought of going to campus on my day off is just unthinkable.  at the moment it doesn’t hurt, unless i concentrate on it, and then it begins to feel weird and my thumb goes numb.

4.  i went to a little italian restaurant in montrose this weekend with some friends.  it had the best garlic bread EVER.  i ate about 3287 pieces of this wondrous wondrous garlic bread.  and for the moderate price of your entree, you also get soup and salad.  so all of you people must come visit me in houston so i can take you to this restaurant.  and then we can go to the rodeo, which is coming soon!

5.  i am going to daytona beach with my cchs girls in two and a half weeks! 

6.  we’re reading woman in white by wilkie collins in my serialization seminar right now, and it’s so good that i want to rub it all over my body.  i love wilkie collins, even if he did have a malformed forehead.  obviously it was just his enormous creative brain attempting to escape his skull.

7.  ray bradbury is not dead!  i wish people would stop trying to kill him off.  every time he comes up in conversation (which happens more often with me than with most), someone says, “isn’t he dead?”  NO.  ray bradbury is not dead.  a little crazy, but not dead.  hence he glowers at you from my icon.  and if there’s one thing ray can do well, it’s glower.

8.  i am so in love with yahoo launchcast’s station “the coffeehouse.”  it makes me want to buy many, many CDs.  especially since the great computer crash of 2006 left me with no music on my computer.

9.  i bought some audio sherlock holmes for my last drive to killeen — a collection that included “the orange pips,” “the man with the twisted lip,” “the blue carbuncle,” and “the speckled band,” the last of which always reminds me of high school.  and i noticed two things: (a) the word “baboon” is repeated a ridiculous number of times in that story, which is awesome in the audio version because a british accent adds so much comedy to an already humorous word.  “my father owns a buh-BOOON!”  and (b) watson is a dumbass.  holmes should bitch-slap him.

10.  on sunday danny embarks on his trip to the wintry wilds of traverse city, michigan to interview for a job with renaissance golf design.  everyone send good vibes!


5 thoughts on “

    • Re: fact of the day: my arms are itchy

      well, i suppose an itchy arm is better than a mouth of horrible horrible pain! i hope that is better.

      and thanks. accidental puns are the best puns of all!

      • Re: fact of the day: my arms are itchy

        oh god, mouth of horrible horrible pain was like satan had laid eggs in my mouth or something. thankfully it’s all healed now!

  1. Ray Bradbury is undead. He merely shambles about, trying to eat the flesh of whatever hapless human he can find.

    Also, I have never understood “save the date” cards. Why don’t you just send out the invitations this time, instead of a separate mailing to let people know that they’re pretty much invited already?

    Maybe I don’t understand weddings.

    • what’s sad about ray being undead is that he probably wouldn’t be able to catch and hold anyone to gnaw on. he may be undead, but he is feeble.

      if i send out invitations now, everyone will lose them and the vital information therein. if i don’t send out save-the-dates this early, people won’t plan to travel in october (most of my family doesn’t live in charlotte). it’s all a very complicated business.

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