so i’m glad i’m the TA for a class in which we’re reading richardson’s pamela.  it’s one of those books i know i should read.  but for the love of all that is good and holy, i read 300 pages today, and i can summarize the plot in one sentence:

the pretty wench pamela is harassed by the evil but strangely handsome mr. b, who tries repeatedly to place his hand “in her bosom,” yet pamela is whiny and annoying and refuses to surrender her “virtue.”

fill 300 pages with that sentence, and you’ve got pamela.  and i still have about 200 pages to go.  that’s a lot of “no no no no no” to go.  i’m beginning to wish that the uptight crazywoman would just cash in her v-card already so i can get on with my academic career.

in general, though, i’m feeling pretty good about school right now.  this past weekend was really stressful… i had a presentation monday on thackeray’s pendennis (a presentation that sparked about as much enthusiasm as a grandma-knit kleenex cozy) and another presentation tuesday on libertinism in the work of lord rochester and aphra behn (much better — everyone loves to talk about sex in class, especially kinky seventeenth-century sex).* 

briefly this morning i experienced phantom stress, which is the grad school equivalent of the pain one feels after losing a limb.  but now i feel freeee! 

and tomorrow evening i head out to the booming metropolis of killeen, texas, where ladies get in free before 11 pm.  (just kidding.  kind of.)  and danny and i are starting our pre-marital stuff with the crazy catholics on friday afternoon. i’ve never met the deacon who is running the show — only talked to him on the phone — but he seems harmless.  except for the fact that he insists on talking about our wedding in military acronyms (“see, your priest in charlotte is like your CO… your commanding officer.”)  and except for the fact that when he heard, last summer, that i was heading to edinburgh, he kept repeating “you have to try the haaaaagis!” 

i should go to bed, as i work early tomorrow morning, and the office is crazy crazy crazy to release the summer issue.  BUT.  i have to say.  the fact that nick got cut on project runway tonight and not the crazy crazy santino is a crime against nature.  ANY man who puts ANY woman in a dung-colored jumpsuit should be forced to spend the rest of his days in a small room with a fanny-pack wearin nascar fan.  reading pamela.

* lord rochester is fun, and not only because, very soon, his story will be released feature-film-johnny-depp style.  his poetry includes words that are a little scary to say aloud, and he’s a great poet to discuss with people who think what i do is boring.  this is a good conversation starter, for example.


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  1. Those Darn Catholics

    Best piece of advice my mom gave me before we went to the pre-marital catholic stuff: listen, nod, and then leave. Don’t worry about the birth control stuff, it’s from the middle ages.

    I bet posting this is a sin. Does God check blogs? ::looks around sheepishly::

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