king kong ate my bank account

this weekend, danny and i went to the most expensive movie EVER.  which is funny, because we were using two free ticket passes the staff of SEL gave the hobby fellows for christmas.

so we went and saw the 9:00 show of king kong, which let out at approximately 12:15.  i had refused to park in the deck attached to the movie theater, which charges $2, and had taken my chances parking at the shopping center next to the theater (which, i would like to note, i have done in the past without penalty).  but, of course, my car was towed.  danny and i had to take a cab to a back-alley repo lot off bissonnett and pay the unsavory gentleman working there $185 (in cash, mind you) to retrieve my car.  today i finally scraped off the last of the yellow wax crayon the towing company used to scrawl all over my windshield — a series of numbers that i’m sure is some elaborate mathematical code for SHAME SHAME SHAME.

we were going to try and lie — say that we had eaten dinner at one of the restaurants in the shopping center before we headed over to the movies.  but the money-grubbin weirdos who run the strip mall have about 834793824 cameras watching the parking lot.  there’s probably not any film in them, but i don’t want to be caught in an absurd lie about whether i did or did not down some kabobs at the skewers restaurant before king kong took just too damn long to die.  if he had died… say… twenty minutes faster, my car would still have been in the parking lot.  the receipt from the repo place indicated that my car had been there for about fifteen minutes.


overall, however, danny and i had a great weekend.  we tried two new restaurants,* and we even played golf on sunday afternoon.  i totally kicked ass.  pretty soon i’m going to be the white-bread version of michelle wie.  except golf commentators won’t contend that i’m already too big for my britches.

in other news, the semester has started, and i have begun to realize that one of the difficulties of being a graduate student is the fact that your relationship with students and faculty is always changing.  this semester i’m taking a seminar with a professor who is one of my advisors.  i was her research assistant my second semester at rice, and she hired me to research for her last summer, as well.  it’s strange to have such a friendly interpersonal relationship with a professor before you’ve taken a class with her.  even weirder…  every once in a while a senior undergraduate will take a graduate seminar, or as a graduate student i’ll supplement a 400-level course.  and because i’m a teaching assistant this semester, i’m now responsible for evaluating and lecturing students that, just last semester, were sitting next to me in class.  but by far my favorite variation on this theme is the fact that i’ve seen many of my professors both in a position of authority at the front of a classroom and quite toasted at a faculty party.

but a more practical difficulty is the first seminar of the semester — in particular the moment when the professor opens the floor for grad students to sign up for a date to deliver their prerequisite presentation(s).  it’s like a baracuda feeding fest.  there are a few moments of chaos when everyone is yelling out a date and the professor looks on glassy-eyed.  it’s true madness.

i think the madness is meant to function as training for when we all become zany tweed-clad academics.


* because houston has so many non-chain restaurants, our policy is that each time we go out to eat we must go somewhere neither of us has been before.


2 thoughts on “king kong ate my bank account

  1. * because houston has so many non-chain restaurants, our policy is that each time we go out to eat we must go somewhere neither of us has been before.

    Damn good policy! Sorry about your car. That’s the lameness.

  2. Now you can say you’ve had your car towed

    Ok so much as that sucks, here is my theory: when people talk about bad things they’ve done, you can sort of be in the club and say “yeah well I had my car towed and had to go to a scary back alley place to get it and almost had to sacrifice my fiance!” So you might embellish a bit, but it’s kind of like how my having been suspended once in high school makes me cool.

    Or maybe not. oh well.

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