while classes don’t truly begin until mid-week, i am considering tomorrow the First Day of the Semester. i’m meeting with betty joseph tomorrow morning (i’m the TA for her 18th century literature course) and attending a practice job talk of a fellow graduate student.

[for those of you who are unfamiliar with the brutal hiring practices of the humanities departments in US academia, a practice job talk is an event held by a graduate program in which a soon-to-graduate student performs the lecture he or she will deliver during a day-long interview called a campus visit. during a practice job talk, the advisors and colleagues of this soon-to-graduate student attempt to anticipate the sometimes inane but almost always bone-chilling and thesis-destroying questions that most likely will be fired at the soon-to-graduate student during aforementioned day-long interview.  of course, the student practicing tomorrow is liz, who is one of the most intelligent women i know.  so she’ll be just fine.]

overall i’ve had a relaxing and enjoyable semester break, and i’m ready to begin the marathon reading-fest that is a dr. patten seminar.  i’ve watched far too much trashy television, including E television’s take on the 100 sexiest celebrity bodies (which, i am ashamed to say, i watched twice), and i’ve made decent progress on the wedding-planning front.  i booked a florist and a photographer, and i’ve been through an extremely confusing series of phone calls concerning the logistics of taking care of the catholic pre-marital counseling in fort hood while getting hitched in charlotte.  after a strange phone call to deacon jones in fort hood, who is very nice but uses military acronyms in an attempt to be both funny and cool (and only succeeds in being confusing), i had the following conversation with father martin in charlotte.  i will be played by angelina jolie, who is, according to E, the world’s sexiest woman.  father martin will be played, inappropriately, by robert de niro.*

Anglina as Me:  so, it turns out that fort hood’s program no longer does the engaged encounters weekend thing.  you said we needed that.
Robert as Father Martin:  what do they do?
AaM:  some weird substitute thing called In His Image.
RaFM:  oh, whatever.  it’s all the same.

so that’s that.

of course, in an attempt to avoid the chicken-bone-flingin craziness that is a nascar race, danny and i decided to get married october 7 instead of october 14 (the ticket office at lowe’s motor speedway remains tight-lipped as to whether the 14th is the actual race day, but many hotels have been booked for almost a year now, which is a pretty good indicator).  yet it has just been announced that october 7 is the annual eucharistic conference for our diocese, which — while not a major event — is annoying in that it is inconveniencing the priest who is marrying us and filling up quite a few hotel rooms at the westin, where many of my guests would most likely stay.  and many of our guests, who work for the charlotte parish office or for the catholic school system, would most likely attend this conference.  but, in the words of my good friend amy mccann, whevs.  all the more yet-to-be-determined fall-inspired food for danny, me, and our fabulous wedding party.


*on a side note, father martin’s office is home to a cage full of parakeets.  while i was meeting with him last fall the cage was open.  the parakeets proceeded to hop around the room chirping extremely loudly.  father martin breeds these parakeets.  BREEDS THEM.  is this strange to anyone else?


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  1. Ack! He probably shouldn’t be breeding budgies! There are too many already that need good homes. Just like puppies and kittens and…hamsters. And rats and mice. &c. But I’m a curmudgeon like that.

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