i’ve been MIA for a while.  usually this time of year, when the blizzard of stress and coffee and emotional breakdowns that is the end of the semester has subsided, one could find me in a stupor on the couch, wearing three-day-old pajamas, eating raw cookie dough, watching dawson’s in the a.m. and a marathon of america’s next top model on vh1 in the afternoon.  but alas, my first few days in charlotte involved moving my parents from a large house in the university area to a much smaller house in huntersville, and life has been chaos.  and i have not had internet access.  which is, let’s face it, debilitating.

i tried to fly to charlotte from houston on wednesday the 14th.  my wonderful friend pamela drove me to the airport through a monsoon.  we didn’t really drive, actually.  we floated.  and once i got there and pamela drove away, i discovered that my flight was delayed two hours.  ten minutes later it was delayed three hours.  by the time i reached the e-ticket kiosk, it was cancelled.  as were all other u.s. airways flights out of houston.  there was a tornado watch in texas and an ice storm and charlotte, and i was stuck at the airport.  it is practically impossible to travel to and from bush intercontinental airport without spending a minimum of $50 on a cab or a shuttle, so i sucked it up and took a shuttle back to the hotel derek, which is about five blocks from my apartment.  (they won’t drop you off at a residence, and although five blocks is nothing, it sucks in the rain with two suitcases.)

anyway.  i made it back to the airport after another shuttle ride on thursday morning and arrived in NC in time to help pack up my parents’ house and move them to huntersville.  there are still boxes everywhere, but i have declared today “no unpacking day.”

while this house is much smaller, it is what i like to call a go-go-gadget house.  mostly due to my dad’s new televisions.  there’s one in the family room (a 44-inch flat screen) and a huge projector television upstairs that is, i kid you not, A WALL OF TELEVISION.  94 inches of television goodness.  it is obscenely large.  all we need is stadium seating and some tacky carpeting and we’d have an amc movie theater.  my dad is already making super bowl plans.

i’m a fan of the new house, and i really like this part of huntersville.  we’re about two minutes from both birkdale village and the new northlake mall, and i can make a left out of this neighborhood.  i hated that i couldn’t make a left out of radbourne.

in other news, i’m meeting with two florists (harrisburg florist, recommended by my church, and the place for flowers) and a photographer (jpk photography, recommended by ) over the holidays.  hopefully both will be booked before i head back to houston, which we put me almost finished with wedding plans.


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