so i have received my evaluations from the students i was a teaching assistant for this semester.  for the most part they were good.  infrequently funny or insulting.  i will provide some highlights here, although that is a very unprofessional thing to do.  i am also providing bracketed running commentary, which is not only unprofessional but also a blatant defense mechanism.

“I felt that some of the topics she brought up were too obscure, and that caused some of her lectures to be boring.”
[i lectured three times.  i admit that i was probably boring, but i talked about female authorship, the relationship between language and power, and the implications forwarded by the title the autobiography of my mother.  i don’t see how any of these topics are “obscure.”]

“she only graded one of my papers.  she liked it, so i liked the grading.”
[i appreciate this gentleman’s honesty.]

“when people were not responsive, it was usually because they hadn’t read the material, not through any fault of her own.”
[i appreciate this.  and a similar comment appeared on, i would say, at least a third of the evaluations.  does no one read the book?]

“what may help victoria perhaps in the future is if she thinks through the questions she wants to ask more from a student’s perspective.  at times the questions seemed a bit vague and general and probably should have just been told to the students instead of asked.  questions posed to the class should make students try to think through a problem or situation so that they come up with enlightening or creative thoughts.  when victoria hit this spot on in class, discussion soared.”
[this evaluation was actually extremely long and extremely helpful… and while i don’t think i agree with “just telling” the students the answer to anything, i appreciate evaluations like this.]

and my favorite…

“she has very high potential.”
[thanks.  i’m glad you’re confident i’ll make it through.]

and in other grad school news, HUZZAH!  i have written 20 pages of milton.  i am confident that at least 15 of those 20 pages are good.  tomorrow i’ll reread the whole thing, check my references, whip out a works cited page, and officially declare the fall 2005 semester DEAD.


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