i stole this from effbeye, but my version just proves that her blog is much funnier than mine.

January:  i’m sitting in my own quiet apartment, which was not robbed, flodded, or pelted with eggs in my absence. 

February:  i made the mistake of going to central market this afternoon while i was hungry, and instead of heading straight for the samples to stop the stomach rumblings before shopping (a clever tactic recommended by real simple magazine), i ended up with $20 worth of food when i only went for some fruit. 

March:   Dear Victoria, I would like to offer you each $500, to match the generous promise from the English Department, for the tript o Edinburgh, for a total of $2000 from the Fondren Library. 

April:  crime doesn’t pay.

May:   in my parents’ attic, there are two almost complete sets of star wars action figures — from the first movies, mind you — that used to belong to my brothers. these action figures are housed in plastic cases shaped like darth vader’s head. i believe that if sold on ebay, these action figures could make me independently wealthy.

June:  the best english teacher i have ever had retired this friday.

July:   played my first round of golf on friday afternoon at hermann park. danny and i went out together, and we played best ball. which was a good idea because (1) if we had not done this we would probably still be on the course now, somewhere out in the trees, searching for my ball, and (2) my score would have reached triple digits.

August:  i ran into the mother of one of the boys i went to high school with at the grocery store yesterday.  she works at the pastoral center, where my dad has been working since he retired from kraft.  she greeted me with, “so living at home i guess?  and i heard you had a baby!”

September:  Today marks 400 days until the wedding!

October:  i finally found a picture of a bouquet that, when i imagine it in my actual wedding, i don’t have to qualify with phrases like, “but with a little less pink” or “but without that really stupid butterfly charm thing.”

November:  This picture is both adorable and frightening.  Adorable because Andrew is adorable.  Frightening because it looks like Danny and I have a child.

December:  it is the beginning of december, and it is still in the 70s or 80s every day.


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