it is time for the pretentious yet satisfying…

Comus, by Milton
Lycidas, by Milton
The Nativity Ode, by Milton
Samson Agonistes, by Milton
Paradise Lost, by Milton
Orlando, by Virginia Woolf
Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf
Kim, by Rudyard Kipling
The Palm Wine Drinkard, by Amos Tutuola
Life and Times of Michael K, by J. M. Coetzee
The Autobiography of My Mother, by Jamaica Kincaid
Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley
Dombey and Son, by Charles Dickens
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, by Anne Bronte
Goblin Market, by Christina Rossetti
Sonnets from the Portuguese, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Modern Love, by George Meredith
Selections from Michael Field
The Princess by Lord Alfred Tennyson
A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf
The World Turned Upside Down by Christopher Hill
The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing
Our Mutual Friend, by Charles Dickens
Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad
The Spoils of Poynton, by Henry James
Many many articles on material culture
Sundry Victorian prose and poetry
Portions of Family Fortunes by Davidoff and Hall

so i’m in the midst of study days, and i have two papers written.  one is fabulous.  the other is really quite horrible.  it’s amazing how little you can say within the space of 25 pages.  one more to go, but that’s milton, and i haven’t even THOUGHT about my milton paper.  i prefer not to think about milton.  in my mind, he’s right up there with that drilling noise at the dentist and the fecal matter scientists insist abounds in the finger-holes of public bowling balls.  you just don’t want to think about that.  but alas, i must.

for the most part i’m just trying to push on through until next semester, which should be much easier (read: i will not go on a crying jag every two days convinced that i will never get my PhD and all of this is a horrible horrible farce).  i’m taking two classes (enlightenment institutions and the serialization of the novel) and TAing for one (18th century literature).  and working at SEL.  and that’s all.  no more overachieving for me.  overachieving is for losers.

on an up note, danny and i have chosen a song for our first dance for the wedding!  and there is a chance he will be attending a panthers game over the holidays, and if he does he’ll be able to check out the band live.*  life is good.  305 days to go.  and i’m not a weirdo counting on my calendar.  the knot tells me so.

* the band plays at every panthers home game in the club-level lounge.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Impressive

    What a nice list. I suppose getting you a nice 700 page tome by Heidegger for some light Christmas reading would be a bad idea?

    “Overachieving is for losers.” That’s funny.

    It is from semesters like these I aptly chose my online name, “years reading.” Congratulations on (almost!) being done.

    • Re: Impressive

      I did read some Heidegger this semester, actually, but because I only got about five pages in before I admitted that I was ALREADY lost, I didn’t list it. Maybe I’ll try again some other time.

      I’m looking forward to some non-assigned reading over the break. Ironically, I decided to start with Great Expectations. Danny made fun of me. But I like reading Victorian novels. That’s why I do what I do.

      I hope all is well, and hopefully I’ll get to see you over the holidays!

      • Re: Impressive

        I hope so. I’d love to pick your brain about some of the classes/books you worked on. I’m very curious about some of it. Have a safe (and relaxing) trip home.

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