another danny weekend…

friday night we went to dave’s annual halloween bash, and i was quite impressed with the enthusiasm and creativity with which everyone assembled a costume.  i think my “best costume” prize would have to go to jeff, who attended as a nun.  i punked out and went as a cat, quite possibly the easiest and cheeziest of halloween couture.  but whatever.  it got the job done.  and it wasn’t as lazy as danny’s costume.  he went as a soldier.

saturday we bought a pumpkin to carve* and decided to stay in for the night.  we rented house of d, which i’ve wanted to see for some time.  i was nervous, as it passed through theaters without the smallest peep of praise or otherwise (or at least seemed to do so, but i’m often unaware of the goings-on off-campus).  i was pleasantly surprised, however, because it was really good.  it’s directed by one of my boyfriends and features robin williams, a man who — despite his manic manic manic craziness and oh-so-hairiness — is able to perfectly portray those strangely sad yet hiding it characters.  probably because he is one himself.

we also spent some time figuring out the wedding save-the-date cards and invitations, and they are going to be fantastic!  i would hash out the details here, but i don’t want to give away all the fun wedding details.  danny’s designs are great, and he is allowing me to insist on hand-addressing the outer envelopes.  as long as i do it myself.  and i am fine with this.  340 days to go, people.

not much else is going on.  for the most part i am frantically reading reading reading and attempting to sort out paper topics that refuse to be sorted out.  i will be free at last free at last thank god almighty free at last of coursework at the end of this year.  that seems like a very long time from now.

i will conclude this entry with the VERY exciting…

Danny practicing his illustration skills a la gourd



The horror!  The horror!

I’m a super scooper



Maybe I’m marrying the wrong guy…

Danny shares the pumpkin’s raaaaaaaaaaaaage!


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