gtwnbeth pointed out this bouquet on the knot that is a much better picture of what i want:


6 thoughts on “

    • no fun indeed. and to top it off, i’ve been spending my evening in an epic battle with a cockroach. it’s an outdoor variety, which means i don’t have an infestation, but it’s big enough to wear boxing gloves and call me mean names.

      it is dead now. i killed it with heavy-duty rust and lime remover. take that, roach!

  1. I love the bouquet. It looks perfect for an October wedding. My one rule for mine was No Carnations.
    Random Roach Note: Sandy and I once had a roach named Lazarus (bc he kept coming back) but whenever we left MTV on for him, he stayed away. We’re having a small “jumping spider” issue in my house. More on that later. eek.

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