i finally found a picture of a bouquet that, when i imagine it in my actual wedding, i don’t have to qualify with phrases like, “but with a little less pink” or “but without that really stupid butterfly charm thing.” it was in modern bride magazine, which i don’t subscribe to and which i didn’t buy even when i saw this bouquet because it was SIX FREAKIN DOLLARS which is a ridiculous price, in my opinion, for a magazine.

but i did note down what flowers are involved: feather thistle, skimmia berries, fellowship roses, burgundy mini calla lilies, and cymbidia orchids (which may have to come out, depending on the price). and i did take a rather low-quality picture on my camera phone. it looks a little somethin like this:

i realize this is a terrible picture. but in general i’m excited that i’ve finally found an example of flowers that i really like. the roses are actually a deep pink-orange, which doesn’t show very well…

almost to the one-year-away day!


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      • never be ashamed of the wedding porn! never! i definitely have my stash. my favorite thing to do is browse the ugly wedding dresses and develop my sense of superiority.

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