i should be reading the golden notebook, scoring the margins with brilliant commentaries that reflect a plan for my lecture in two weeks.  instead, i am blogging.  blogging in celebration of the fact that i do not have to stay awake until 2 am tonight reading and therefore can finally take some nyquil to combat this beastly cold.

nyquil!  wheeeeeeeeeeee!  i may fall asleep on this keyboard within five minutes and wake up with the imprint of qwertyuiop on my forehead.  that is how wonderful nyquil is.

so tomorrow i have an appointment at the university health center.  i haven’t been to the health center here at rice, but i have my suspicions regarding university health centers in general.  at american, any ailment you may present, regardless of its symptoms or your gender, was deemed pregnancy.  sore throat and a persisent cough?  bun in the oven.  fears of prostate cancer?  baby makes three.  bleeding profusely from a head wound?  better stock up on some booties.  hopefully rice’s health center employees aren’t so quick to play the stork card.  i just want some drugs.

in academic news, i met with the wonderful and always-willing-to-buy-snacks dr. logan today.  she is an amazing professor, and i want to be her when i grow up.  she’s extremely smart and always approachable, and she got her PhD at rice.  while rice no longer hires its own, her position as a well-respected prof at a well-respected institution does wonders to soothe the night-horrors dr. wolfe’s methodologies seminar gave me… horrible dreams in which i’m living with twelve other english graduate students in a cardboard box in a seedy alley somewhere in montrose, eating three-day-old lo mein with a jagged tin can lid instead of a fork.

back to the point.  i met with dr. logan to discuss my upcoming presentation in her class, material constructions.  i’m going to be talking about dolls in our mutual friend, in particular the peculiar position of the character Jenny Wren, who is a doll dressmaker.  to assist in my research, dr. logan gave me a really great text by mayhew called London Labour and the London Poor.  This book has some seriously spooky illustrations of nineteenth-century street vendors.  Take, as an example:


I did not add “Lucifer” to the title, although it seems strangely fitting.  I think that is the brand name of the matches…

speaking of evil forces, hurricane rita is heading this way.  my local grocery store has been out of bottled water for two days now.  i had my head so immersed in dickens that i was unaware of the impending storm until my parents called to tell me.  hopefully it won’t come too close.  i hadn’t moved to north carolina when hugo hit.  my life has been hurricane-free.  damn you, rita!

and the nyquil has arrived.  i’m off to sink into a trippy oblivion.

peace out.


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  1. Jason has to go to work tomorrow (his usual day off) ’cause all “non-essential” office workers at Fiesta are required to go to various store locations and help stock stuff and keep order. Tinned meat, diapers, water, Sterno–everything’s been FLYING off the shelves.

    I really hope we’re all overreacting! But better safe than sorry, I guess.

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