quote of the day

There are too many rules and rights and wrongs now it’s disgusting. Do you think this is what we as humans were meant to be doing here on earth? Maybe. Maybe we are here to make plastic since no other being seems to be producing it and when the earth has plenty it’ll find a way to kill us off by turning our own minds against us. Maybe we’re here to kick and scream and blow shit up. Maybe we’re here to squash bugs. Maybe we’re not supposed to tip our waiters. Unfortunately no one left a manual that any two groups can agree on so we’re pretty much screwed and everyone gets to be God.

Jason Mraz


2 thoughts on “quote of the day

  1. Hello Victoria,
    I am LiveJournal friending you, as per the drunken agreement made at your delightful party.

    Thank you for fooding us and supplying us with wine. I appreciate that. Anyway. Hurrah LiveJournal; hurrah making fun of people from high school!

    I do, however, resent the fact that you had a Rice icon before I did. It had occurred to me, I swear!
    With fondest regards,

    PS: Now get a portrait hat, dammit!

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