the professor i TA for wears so much cologne that the papers he has given me to grade have made my room smell like him.



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  1. ew

    There is this one type of perfume that causes me to vomit like I’m possessed by the devil. I was in church once and the woman in front of me had it on. I had to leave. I once threw up in a movie theater on a date due to said perfume.
    Random fact o’ the day indeed. Add it to the list of things you didn’t really want to know about TDog.

    • Re: ew

      that is indeed unfortunate. usually vomiting on a date is a bad sign. unless, of course, this was a date with your current squeeze. in which case it obviously bode well for your relationship.

      we need to talk soon, but i’ve been crazy crazy crazy with reading! i miss you!

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