i had a nice long weekend with danny over labor day, enjoying his company and his (or “our,” really) much larger, much smooshier mattress. i was happy to get out of houston for a while to a land where gas prices were surprisingly a full twenty cents cheaper. we had a dinner-movie date. a bloomin onion and some steak followed by the forty-year-old virgin, which was not only funny but also included an appearance of my beautiful friend amy’s twin sister sarah.

later we went to round rock, near austin, to browse wedding stationery possibilities. we found something we really liked — probably the only element of the wedding that will come in under budget — and figured out the text we’re going to use for our save the date cards. soon he’s going to start designing them. there are definitely benefits to marrying someone as talented as danny. and this wedding planning thing — it’s kind of nice. i feel very relaxed about it right now, which i’m sure will change later.

meanwhile i am struggling through our mutual friend. as i told beth, this is my first dickens BOOK (as opposed to a dickens book — i’ve already read tale of two cities and hard times) and i am both awed and horrified at its heftiness. it is a doorstop. it must have been a dickens novel that inspired the invention of the word “tome,” a term that not only describes a book but also the sound such books make when they hit the floor — an echoing, ominous noise that assures you that you will never, in fact, finish this book. and if you do, you will never be able to keep track of the small city of characters included therein. my professor has not decided how we’re going to report on this text. we’re either going to go the conventional way and write a paper or come up with a multi-media web-inspired graphics-heavy presentation depicting the circulation of objects in the book. i have never wanted to write a paper more in my entire academic career.

in other news, a huge shout-out to my former roommate and talented friend sandy, who recently scored a newspaper gig in columbus.  i will call you soon to gush, but i’m proud of you, sizzle!

in closing, enjoy a picture of


2 thoughts on “

  1. Hard Times Indeed

    I have several comments:
    1. I hated Hard Times. Thinking of it causes me to want to take drugs.
    2. My puritan cousin and her kids live in Round Rock. They have a six bedroom house that cost half what our 18 foot wide house did here.
    3. Rock on fo’ Sizzle! I’m so glad she isn’t moving to some scary place like…california or anything!

    • Re: Hard Times Indeed

      houses in that area of texas are dirt cheap. they’re building these mansions in killeen that cost about the same as a gallon of gas in DC. of course, you’d have to live in killeen. they should pay YOU to live in killeen like they pay you to live in alaska.

      it is very groovy about sandy. her next job must be in DC though. and then i’ll get a job in DC too and our entire lives will be like college without the homework.

      well, i’ll still have the homework, but you get the idea.

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