in honor of walter benjamin

When Walter Benjamin died (or commited suicide, rather), he left behind more fragmentary work than complete projects. Therefore, this blog entry is really just participating in a respectable tradition of being random and altogether flighty.

1. Today marks 400 days until the wedding! This seems like a long time, but it is not.

2. Today also marks 21 days until the Dalai Lama visits Rice. I have a ticket, but I’m realizing that this is going to be a madhouse. MADHOUSE I say. The girl standing in front of me when I obtained my ticket was (a) wearing one of those flippy, uneven-seams skirts that look ridiculous on everyone, and (b) was saying “Oh my God! The Dalai Lama! I can’t wait to tell Michelle and Ricky and Barbara and that cute guy down the hall! This is going to be, like, totally deep!”

3. Rice has decided to increase this year’s English graduate student stipend by $1000, which rocks my socks. Of course, the department has decided to give this money to us all at once, instead of dividing it between our checks, which is annoying. But I’ll take a minor annoyance along with a grand any day.

4. Yesterday I bought a box of matchbooks because I have grown tired of waiting until I eat at a fancy restaurant to replenish my stores. Each matchbook features a portrait of one of the US presidents. Herbert Hoover is over-represented.


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