Today was the first day of classes, but I’m too tired to write about it.  Instead, I will fill out another music survey.  I may have been tagged by my beautiful and talented friend Rin, who is blogging again.  I didn’t know she was blogging again and therefore hadn’t been reading, but now I know and read and notice that “Vicki” was tagged on this survey some time ago.  I am not the only Vicki in Rin’s life, but I believe the other Vicki spells it differently.  If I am not the intended Vicki, I still stole it and I’m filling it out anyway, damn it.


1. Total volume of music files on my computer?
1.83 GB.  i just checked.  i have no concept of computer language, so this really means nothing to me.   i don’t have massive amounts of music on my computer, and two years ago or so i did a purge.

2. Last CD I purchased?
“Why Should the Fire Die?” by Nickel Creek.  Actually, it was bought for me.  Last CD I bought myself…  Wow I do not even remember.  Maybe a used Pete Yorn CD from Half Price Books.  Or maybe the new Wallflowers. Oh wait. That one was bought for me too.

3. Song playing right now?
“Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well,” by Mike Doughty.  I love me some Amazon free music downloads.

4. Five Songs that mean a lot to me, in no order:
“Ride a Cock Horse,” the nursery rhyme.  The title looks dirty now that I’ve written it out… Hmmm…  But my dad used to sing this to me when I was little.

“What I Didn’t Know” by Athenaeum, the song that epitomizes high school in all the good ways.  I remember hearing this song at Beth’s and calling the radio station to ask the name of the band.  I remember needing a pen and paper to remember how to spell the name of the band.  I remember thinking, during a moment of adolescent and now humiliating-to-recall self-inflicted drama,  that this is exactly what my ex-boyfriend should be thinking about me.  And I remember numerous good times singing this song, including at the last Athenaeum concert ever.  Sniff.

“Down on Yourself” by Chris Isaak.  Danny put it on a mix for me during my freshman year of college, when I was genuinely miserable.  It’s not the kind of song that makes you feel better, even if it’s meant to.  It’s one of those songs you put on to wallow in self pity.  But now when I listen to it I smile, because not only did I make it through the misery that was freshman year but I ended up loving AU.  So this song is kind of like a relic.

“Philosophy” by Ben Folds, because it reminds me of college and good times with Amy McCann.

“Everybody’s Changing” by Keane.  I listened to this song over and over and over again on the drive between Charlotte and Houston on my way to Rice.  Partially because the drive between Charlotte and Houston is really damn long and partially because this song, and the entire album really, had a going-places type of sound that made me feel even more enthusiastic about starting my new life here.

6. CDs currently in my CD player
Mr. A-Z by Jason Mraz
Rebel, Sweetheart by The Wallflowers
Final Straw by Snow Patrol
Agaetis Byrjun by Sigur Ros
A mix I made that begins with the seriously uplifting “Everyone Deserves Music” by Michael Franti
Hard Candy by Counting Crows

7. What song would you want to break up with someone to?
I don’t want to break up with anyone, to any soundtrack.  I did have a recurring break-up dream in which the song “Crown” by Collective Soul played repeatedly.

8. What song makes you stop and hold your chest every time you hear it?
My embarrassing answer: “Danny’s Song.”  I have no idea why, but I have a visceral reaction to this song, and it has nothing to do with the current Danny in my life.  I think my mom used to listen to it a lot.  My less-embarrassing answer: “These Are the Days” by Van Morrison.  Some people may still consider that worthy of a blush, I suppose.  But such people are dead to me.  Oh, and “Long as I Can See the Light” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

9. Stones or Beatles?
Beatles, although I admit I don’t really listen to either on a regular basis.

10. Favorite new bands of last year?
I am not going to lie and pretend like I know when the bands I enjoy actually formed and began making music.  If I had to name the bands I began listening to last year that I find particularly fantastic: Carbon Leaf, Snow Patrol, Keane, Downpilot

11. Your ultimate 3 band line up and the venue?
Currently I gues that would include: Jason Mraz, since I currently want to have a million of his babies; Counting Crows, because they remain one of my favorites; and Elton John, because c’mon, it’s fun to sing along with Elton.  And a special appearance by Willy Nelson, during which he would pull me up on stage and let me try on his bandana.

12. Songs that make your skin crawl, and hit the off button faster than any others?
ANYTHING by Uncle Cracker.  He makes me want to rip out my eyes Oedipus-style.

13. What song do you play in your head when you enter a room – you know what I’m taking about, your “theme song.”
My mind has imposed its own theme song against my will.  The song that actually seems to be running through my head ALL THE TIME is unfortunately “Bear Necessities” from The Jungle Book.  I know ALL THE WORDS, even that part in the middle when Baloo or however the hell you spell his name freestyles it.  And you can ask Danny for verification. 


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