i will continue my travelogue momentarily.  i know you’re dying with anticipation.


i ran into the mother of one of the boys i went to high school with at the grocery store yesterday.  she works at the pastoral center, where my dad has been working since he retired from kraft.  she greeted me with, “so living at home i guess?  and i heard you had a baby!”


the woman has pegged me as an unwed mother mooching off my parents.  moments like that make you wonder what rumors are circulating among your high school classmates.


9 thoughts on “sidebar

    • maybe. i think she was bitter about the fact that her son was just waiting tables this summer. not that there’s anything wrong with just waiting tables… he’s still trying to figure things out, like many of my fellow classmates. but she was obviously a little impatient about her son’s life plan. she kept saying, “none of the boys in your class did well!” which is only partially true. i’m sure a few of them did.

  1. What was your reaction to this rumor? Can’t say I’ve run into many people/parents from the bad old days since being back in town…

    I’m tending to agree with the she’s bitter opinion though – esp. if you broke out the ‘just got back from giving a speech to a literary society in Scotland’ bit – which is oh, slightly more impressive than waiting tables.

    If you’re in Charlotte you should join Allison/me and perhaps other Charlotte people for some interesting food this week. Send and im (same name as the LJ name) if you have a free night.

    • i was just a little irritated, but i wasn’t friends with her son or the circle he hung out with, so it doesn’t really matter what they’re saying about me. i told her she must have had me confused with someone else.

      thanks for the invitation (sounds like fun!), but i’m actually leaving tomorrow to go back to houston. i wasn’t here long… just long enough after our trip to scotland to celebrate my dad’s birthday. but i should be around a couple times this fall. we should get together!

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