i heart monsters

danny and i have been so spoiled this summer, living so close. we decided to chill in our respective apartments this weekend, and i realized that i did not know what to do with myself. which is unusual, because i spent an entire year entertaining myself while danny was in iraq.

in the end it was a good thing, since i finally finished my presentation for scotland.

trip preparations that remain:

1. reread a few key scenes of wuthering heights and go over the linton-earnshaw family tree patten gave us last semester. i maintain that this book is one of the most confusing when it comes to figuring out familial relationships. too many catherines. too many i say!

2. drink some whiskey nightly.

3. pack the many cute cardigans and button-down shirts i haven’t been able to wear in houston since may.

4. perfect my plans to befriend, capture, and tour with nessie of loch ness fame.

5. finish rereading jane eyre, because no matter how hard any bronte scholar tries, they canNOT talk about emily or anne bronte without mentioning charlotte. it’s like she’s the homecoming queen and emily and anne were those kids in high school who wore teddy bear socks with sandals.

6. make a list of everywhere i intend on going during my trip. suggestions from world travelers welcome.

7. practice saying “laddie” and “lass” a lot. and “bonny.” and any combination of the aforementioned.

i think i’m in good shape. and, as a tribute to my future friendship with everyone’s favorite mythical beast, i offer you some of the best results when you type “nessie” into google image search.

 (drawing courtesy of peskov alexei, age 7)

  (vintage nessie)

  (a very realistic rendering.  and sheep.)

  (and here we see nessie in her urban habitat…)


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