the madness begins.

i have officially booked the reception site for the wedding, which is very cool.  this also means danny and i have decided on an official date for the wedding — october 7, 2006 — in great hope that those who schedule nascar races will not decide that my wedding day is a good day for chicken wings and tube tops.

we have 481 days to go, according to my corny wedding website.  which is weird, because as mentioned, it is not difficult to remember a time when we had twice that.

but here i will post pictures of byron’s south end, where we’ll all get toasty-drunk and crazy-dancin’ (because, as the byron’s owner said, it is “not unusual for catholic weddings to have an open bar.”)  i have posted these before, but it was some time ago.  and i’m excited, so redundancy means nothing to me.

the room, slightly messy after an event:


future location of dance floor:

the bar area:


5 thoughts on “the madness begins.

    • thanks! wedding planning is much more exciting now that I’ve got a date, a place, and a fiance safely returned from iraq. and it turns out that starting this early is a blessing. the bakery where i want to get my wedding cake wants me to order a year in advance!

      again, thanks for the recommendation. i’m psyched about byron’s!

  1. I have a corny wedding site, too. I’m in the wedding-planning business, too, since I’m getting married in December. It is rather fun, huh?

    Sorry, I know I’m a random person… but I got bored and started clicking on my interests. You’re one of the few people that had typer shark. haha Your journal is fun, and I enjoyed it. thanks! šŸ™‚

    • hey there. i was going to reply to your comment earlier, but it disappeared for a while for some reason!

      i hope your wedding plans are going well. where are you getting married?

      p.s. love the icon.

      • I’m getting married in Birmingham, AL. but we’re having the reception in Florence, AL, b/c that’s where I’m from.

        hehe, thanks! I like to look at it. šŸ™‚

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