i just got all three seminar grades back today, and i totally kicked ass this semester.  i deserve some malibu rum and a trip to see the boy this weekend.  check and check.

i’m actually psyched about my paper for my long victorian novel class.  in her comments, my professor wrote that she would be willing to help me revise it for publication.  it’s a single-text paper — i.e. it only approaches one novel — but there are quite a few journals interested in that type of work.  plus it’s a paper on charlotte bronte’s shirley, a text that has been largely ignored in 19th century literary scholarship.  i’ll meet with my prof sometime this summer and see what i can do with it.  it would be amazing to have something in preparation for publication this early in my grad school years.   my third year i’m required to take a writing workshop, which is meant to give me a classroom opportunity to prepare a paper for publication.  i’m planning (as of now) to use that seminar to prepare my emily bronte/pseudonym paper.  so all things considered, i’ll have two papers formatted for publication and sent out to journals by the end of my third year or so.

i’m also reading non-school books!  i started you shall know our velocity! by dave eggers (one of my favorite contemporary writers) this week.  i’m planning on reading possession by a. s. byatt next, since i finally found a copy that DIDN’T have a cheesy movie poster picture of gwyneth paltrow on the cover.

in other news my nephew is turning the big ONE next week.  i’m looking forward to going birthday present shopping for him.  when else do i get to browse the toy section?  oh wait.  i do all the time. (::ahem danny ahem::)   i am happy to say that he looks much less like a potato and a LOT like my brother:

Author Dismayed By Amazon Customers' Other Purchases

MONTREAL—Yann Martel, author of the Booker Prize-winning Life Of Pi, said he was distraught to see what other books Amazon.com customers bought in addition to his. “Customers who bought this book also bought The Five People You Meet In Heaven?!” Martel read from his computer screen Monday. “And The Rule Of Four? Really?!” Martel was also surprised by the “sloppy writing” in many of Life Of Pi‘s five-star customer reviews.

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