i have officially finished my first year of graduate school.

actually, i finished wednesday.  then i went to killeen and spent the weekend free from actual worry and only occasionaly haunted by the feeling that i should, in fact, be worrying about something.  i tried to quell the occasional uncalled-for stress by checking to see if my grades were posted yet.  which was a practice in futility, since rice hasn’t even added “spring 05” to the drop-down menu on the “final grades” web page.  i will continue to check every five minutes — and, most likely, when the much anticipated “spring 05” does appear, i will receive “other” in all three seminars because my professors haven’t graded my papers yet.

my brain feels a little exhausted, but this is not a problem since i won’t have to think too much until the conference in july.  i’ll be working at the journal this summer, but i’ll be going through the office’s files to choose those suitable for our archive in the library (which currently does not exist but which i am apparently establishing).  this should be a little dicey at first but get easier as i go along, and hopefully in a week or two i’ll be settled into the task enough to bring in my MP3 player.

i had a great weekend with danny, primarily consisting of sleeping until 10.   very nice, especially in his much-roomier queen-size bed with the new pillow-top mattress.  and we actually got to do normal couple things, like eating out or sitting around watching a rented movie and eating pizza or cooking dinner together.  it’s much easier to leave at the end of the weekend when you’re not saying goodbye in front of an airport full of people.  and when i know i’ll be able to see him in a week or two instead of in a month or two.  or a year or so.

we also found a SIGNED copy of a ray bradbury book at the half-price books in round rock.  neither one of us bought it, because owning a signed book addressed to someone else just isn’t very satisfying.  but the fact that someone gave away a book signed by ray bradbury is evidence that all that is right and good in the world is disappearing.  i choose to believe, at danny’s suggestion, that the owner of this book passed away and her unknowing relatives sold all her books to this store.

i also returned to my apartment to find that maintenance had been in while i was away.  they left a “filled maintenance request” form on my kitchen counter.  the request had been made by a woman who hasn’t lived in this apartment for at least a year.  glad they finally got around to that.

i’m realizing how excrutiatingly boring this entry is.  i should go to bed.

but in closing, [info]gtwnbeth and i have decided to establish a ranch.  there, we will breed emus.  i’m currently taking suggestions for a name for this ranch.


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  1. but in closing, [info]gtwnbeth and i have decided to establish a ranch. there, we will breed emus. i’m currently taking suggestions for a name for this ranch.

    “Totally Not Ostriches, Honest”

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