note to my professors and fellow students:

while i understand the desire to hold an additional class after the last day of classes in order to catch up and reach a point of closure regarding feminist theory or long victorian novels or what have you, i do not understand the desire to socialize during exam period.

i do not want to meet at a tea house and discuss wilkie collins over scones and cream. i do not want to have a pool party at anyone’s house (and, as an addendum, i do not want to see any of you in your bathing suits). i do not want to sit in a circle on the floor of my professor’s house, sans shoes and socks, eating pizza and talking about subjectivity until 10 pm.

i’m sure my professor’s dog is a lovely creature, but i don’t need to meet rufus during exam period. i’m sure that artsy coffeehouse in the village serves an incomparable latte, but i have three seminar papers to attend to. why the sudden need for camaraderie at that moment in the semester when i am most stressed out, bitter, and downright cruel?

i want to drive to campus, sit in classroom, meet for two hours or until all that is necessary to accomplish is accomplished, and return to my own apartment, where i can actually write the 60 pages you require of me within two weeks.




3 thoughts on “

    • rufus is a metaphorical dog, although one of my professors does have two dogs and they’re CRAZY. she has to keep them outside while people are over or they might eat someone’s face.

      well, not really. but they’d break something and drool a lot.

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