it’s that wonderful time in the semester again… the time when i have to decide which reading i will skip this week. ::sigh:: good times, good times. sorry, feminist debates seminar. time doesn’t permit me to read 100 pages of feminist theory when i could be reading wilkie collins’ the moonstone instead.

i just read about 100 pages of the moonstone, and i’ve already developed quite the relationship with collins. i’ve never read him before (a phrase i’m using all too often this year), but this novel is full of the kind of details i love. a clueless house-steward who can only calm his nerves by obsessively reading robinson crusoe. an ominous trio of indians who frequently appear on the estate terrace with a set of hand-drums. and let’s not forget that staple of victorian literature: cousins in love. but it really is an amazing book. this summer i’ll have to crack that copy of wilkie’s woman in white that’s been sitting on my bookshelf since october.

so tomorrow is my interview with SEL. interviews don’t make me terribly nervous, but past employees have hinted that there may be a few screwball questions. i meant to spend a good portion of the night looking over some old issues. that didn’t happen (damn you, wilkie!). i may just have to rely on my quick wit. or maybe my job history in publishing, which is relatively extensive and much more stable than aforementioned wit.

in other news, danny has checked out byron’s during his trip to charlotte and given it the thumbs-up, so our reception site is set. now i must wait until the end of may, when the nascar schedule is officially posted. while it maddens me to plan my wedding around a nascar race, an aggravation i’m sure i’ve mentioned before, i also would hate to be showered with beer cans and chicken bones instead of rice. or birdseed. whatever. i don’t have the details down yet.

i suppose sleep is in order.  i will close on a pessimistic note…

1.  some idiot in my complex called the leasing office on me because i had my trash sitting outside my door.  less than 24 hours people!  give a girl a moment!

2.  i discovered the cute boutique in rice village i suspected was absurdly expensive is, in fact, absurdly expensive.  tank top in this boutique = $125.  no joke.  cost of almost identical tank top i could make with supplies from michael’s = $5.  oh how i miss you, mustard seed.

3.  the woman sitting next to me in the saturn dealership brought in a plastic aquarium FULL of crickets (WTF!), which not only disturbed me with their constant squirming over one another but also with their persistent chirping. 

4.  strange men who live in my apartment complex (perhaps the same men who called about my trash… hmmm…) were hammering incessantly at some wooden framework at 8:30 a.m. on saturday morning.  to make matters worse, in my irritated grogginess i thought it was a good idea to yell at them through my window.  their laughter only increased my rage.


4 thoughts on “

  1. NASCAR Anthropology

    (as if you have time to be reading silly things like my responses…)

    One of my linguistics teachers predicted that several centuries from now, when they unearth what is now Lowe’s Motor Speedway and discover hordes of chicken bones in the center of what appears to be an open coliseum in the Greek tradition, they will conclude we loved watching chickens fight to the death.

    (on a less speculative note, in South Carolina they recently broke up several illegal gamecock fighting pits. ah, the joys of this state…)

  2. I just completely hacked that response…

    Wow, I’m losing my mind…

    I guess anthropology should be archaeology. Lowes was misspelled. And I guess the coliseum in the sense I meant is Roman, not Greek. I can’t let those things go on an English doctoral student’s blog. I’m losing my mind…

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