who’s your baghdaddy?

danny is safely back in the states!  ::dance::  in order to avoid flunking out of school, i need to spend this entire weekend reading.  however, i offer the following observations from my trip to his reunion ceremony (in chronological order):

1.  it is difficult to find your way in texas once you’re lost.  the gas station employees in the sporadic succession of small towns in between houston and killeen/fort hood either (a) don’t speak english or (b) know nothing about texas geography except the name of their small town and the small towns directly east and west of their small town.

2.  most likely, however, you will not be lost anywhere near one of these towns.  you instead will be surrounded by pastures.  cows will chew their cuds smugly, mocking your directional desperation.  you will suspect that these cows in fact know the way to fort hood and could tell you if so inclined.  but they won’t.  because texas cows know they are your next steak at ruth’s chris and therefore have attitude.

3.  when you’ve been lost for an hour or so, the sight of a logan’s steakhouse surrounded by soldiers in camo is the most beautiful thing EVER.

4.  the military needs to figure out a more efficient way of reuniting soldiers with their families.  saying “dismissed” to a field full of 600 soldiers wearing exactly the same thing and just hoping that the 1000 people waiting to greet them will find their father/sister/fiance is just not smart.

5.  nothing feels better than knowing danny is safe.


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