it’s ironic that the military is absolutely adamant that their soldiers tuck in their sheets just so yet cannot provide them with a damn estimated time of departure from baghdad.  normally this wouldn’t be a problem, since fort hood is only about three hours from houston.  but, of course, danny’s homecoming is dangerously close to my spring break, during which i will be in charlotte.  a ticket change may be in order.  we’ll see.

but who can complain?  he’s coming home in about two weeks.  woohoo!  ::dance::  the year of unmitigated stress and fear of death or injury is finally coming to a close!  i can’t wait to see him.

the weekend was actually pretty fun (and therefore i got very little work done).  on friday night i went out for thai with some friends then hit up a few bars.  i had very little to drink yet ended up with a headache the next morning, despite the fact that i performed my historically effective hangover prevention procedure when i got home (two glasses of water, two advil migraine, and a piece of peanut butter bread).  i’m convinced that the hangover was a result not of the alcohol but of the craaaazy dancing.  i had a dangover.

then on saturday night all plans to be productive until the wee hours were blasted to hell when i decided to watch identity on hbo instead.  probably a mistake, since i live alone and don’t handle scary movies well.  definitely got the creepies and fell asleep rocking myself distractedly in a fetal position, expecting someone to come and stuff a baseball bat down my throat any… moment… now…

today i decided to go shopping at the galleria, also known as listlessly fingering expensive clothing i could never afford.  i’ve decided there are two species of affluent shopper i despise more than most:

(a) the fifteen-year-old girl.  usually wearing an unevenly-hemmed skirt, white tank top, black eyeliner, and prada sunglasses.  travels in packs.  primary sustenance: starbucks frappacino and bistro salads (dressing on the side).  usually seen carrying at least three bags from hollister, a garment bag from kate spade or ralph lauren, and a special little something from tiffany’s.  usually sneers at my outfit and whispers condescendingly to her friends.  will most likely attend UT Austin in a few years (which, don’t get me wrong, is a great school).

(b) the “why are you so rich?” loud, obnoxious, and ugly shopper.  usually wearing baggy sweatpants from target, a white tee-shirt (probably belonging to her ex-husband) that has some strange orange-colored stain dribbled down the front, and plain white reebok sneakers.  travels alone and VERY slowly through the pressing weekend mall crowd.  primary sustenance: not sure.  probably whatever is on her shirt.  usually seen carrying many many bags from nordstrom, neiman marcus, coach, or armani.  never appears wearing anything from any of these stores.  conducts herself in a way that would put howler monkeys to shame.  always returning something, usually already worn and probably without a receipt.

in any case i walked away having spent my victoria’s secret gift certificate on some very fun underwear.  and i got some civilian clothes for danny to wear upon his return so he doesn’t have to go to schlotzky’s in his army uniform.

in other news:  one of my professors from last semester gave everyone an incomplete in order to give us time to complete our seminar papers in ease and relaxation (heh… heh heh).  some of us have since written our papers and some haven’t.  i have.  i handed it in to him two weeks before the start of this semester.  he has not graded this paper yet, and as a consequence the registrar at rice magically and malignantly transformed my incomplete to a big scary F last week.  through NO fault of my own i now have an F on my transcript.  i emailed him tonight.  i’m sure he’ll fix it soon.   it’s just so… ugly.

well i should probably get off to bed.  instead of a list here is another proud-aunt picture of andrew, the sexiest NC man still in diapers:


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  1. I was about to do a happy dance for Danny coming home, but instead, I shall do a gay dance, because alas Danny does not have one. 😉

    HOO-RAH! Only 2 more weeks!!

    • sometime soon we must schedule an evening when we can relive the embarrassment of those videos…

      btw, i had to change the appointment at the palmer building from 2:00 pm on monday march 7 to 11:00 am the same day. do you want to come and then catch some lunch?

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