rice’s english department is giving me and the other three students who were accepted to the edinburgh conference $500 each to help finance the trip.  ::dance::  this is very good, considering first-year students aren’t exactly prime candidates for conference funding.  of course, this won’t even come close to covering all of our expenses, but it’s a start.  we have three other proposals yet to be answered.  we are also not below accepting charitable donations or holding a bake sale.

and on the topic of my trip, has anyone ever visited haworth before?  if so, post or send me an email.  i’m trying to think through some logistics.

in other news, my mom recently sent me a picture of me and my nephew from his baptism.  he looks a little amish in the hat, but he’s still the coolest cat ever.  i have no idea who the bespectacled man in the background is:


it’s strange being away from north carolina while he’s growing up.  apparently he’s already cut four teeth (which was foreshadowed by the extreme amounts of drool the boy was producing during my last visit home at christmas), and he’s starting to crawl.

in general nothing very exciting has happened.  well, nothing exciting and positive.  i did fall in an extremely horrifying way running after the shuttle last week.  i don’t think i’ve had such a fall since elementary school.  my knees are just recovering–they were black and blue and a variety of other painful colors for days.  i seem to have a history of humiliation and large vehicles.  when we were living in illinois i broke my arm running after an ice cream truck.  in the words of my friend molly, it’s a good thing i wasn’t a fat kid.  that would add an entire new level of embarrassment.

but this is just the calm before the storm… i have a paper, a book review, a class presentation, and my presentation at the rice graduate symposium all coming up in the next few weeks. 

then… danny comes home!  it’s about damn time.  ironically, making phone calls and sending email from kuwait is much difficult than from iraq.  communication has been sparse lately.  and i’ll be happy when these across-the-hemisphere conversatins are over, anyway.  it’s difficult to talk to someone when you are simultaneously dealing with an annoying 5-second delay and the pressure to talk about something meaningful and important in the five minues you have every two or three weeks.

in closing, a list for all my catholic friends (as in friends of the catholic faith, not solely those friends who attended charlotte catholic).  i realize that this list may be reason enough to send me straight to the burning fires of hell.

surpring perks of the lenten season!
1.  no-meat fridays are a stellar excuse to order pizza or make grilled cheese.  or both.
2.  the scant music at mass means less suffering through that blue-hair in the choir who thinks she is melODious.
3.  “i gave it up for lent” becomes an excuse to get out of a lot of things.  except maybe feeding the homeless.


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