danny is finally in kuwait.  all is half-way right with the world.  i’m not really into valentine’s day, but assurance that my fiance is not subjected to mortar attacks on a daily basis is romance enough for me. 

so on friday night i went to an episcopal church downtown to listen to the old english stylings of benjamin bagby, a lyre-player who recites beowulf.  well, at least one-quarter of beowulf (and even that takes an hour and a half and involves much bubbling blood and sword-gore).  it was really amazing, actually.  he had a beautiful voice (he sang much of it), and it’s always enjoyable listening to people recite old english, which makes anyone sound like the swedish chef from the muppets (bork bork!).  thankfully there was a screen with modern english subtitles.  otherwise the only words i would have caught would have been “mead” and “beowulf.”

on saturday i was slated to see the new movie version of the merchant of venice, but the one theater showing it in houston sold out.  i ended up seeing the aviator instead, which was very good.  cate blanchett’s katherine hepburn was fun to watch.  i went home and had nightmares about quite possibly the scariest movie plane crash i’ve ever seen. 

on the academic front, i’m trying to write a short paper on cognitive mapping as understood in frederic jameson’s the geopolitical aesthetic (finding a way to imagine your position in an unimaginably vast landscape, such as the globe) and robinson crusoe.  after brainstorming for a while, i’m beginning to find that robinson crusoe is ALL cognitive mapping.  in fact, thinking about cognitive mapping for too long makes you kind of paranoid.  it’s everywhere.  i’m doing it right… now…  you start to wonder about the most fundamental elements of your surroundings.  am i really sitting on this chair, or do i just imagine that i am in order to situate myself in the vastness of the houstonian community?  trippy stuff.

well, off i go to cook some dinner and watch sex and the city.  lata gatas.

things i rarely buy at the grocery store (but always want to) because they’re too expensive or too bad for me:
1.  french onion dip
2.  those bakery cupcakes with way too much icing
3.  roasted red pepper hummus
4.  cookie dough
5.  frozen cpk thai chicken pizza
6.  fresh french bread
7.  mcintosh apples (why are they so damn expensive in texas?)
8.  pre-mixed salad-in-a-bag


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