who is on your “freebie list” (a la friends… celebrities you can have sex with if you have the opportunity, no questions asked) remains one of the best party conversation starters i know.  i believe i’ve discussed this list on my blog before, but i can’t remember it, so you probably can’t, either.

my freebie list, in no particular order:
1.  johnny depp.  no man can look so damn sexy in eyeliner.
2.  colin firth.  who wouldn’t want to get with mr. darcy?
3.  adrien brody.  an unconventional addition, i admit.  but did you see his diet coke commercial?

4.  david duchovny.  i love me some duchovny.  heh.  heh.
5.  brad pitt.  the obvious choice.  no 42-year-old man has been able to pull off a leather skirt like brad.

i find it a little strange that the average age of the men on my freebie list is 41.2.

others simetimes circulate, including orlando bloom (although it’s hard to look at him the same since his crybaby role in troy), dan wilson (the notably un-hot but consistently do-able singer lead singer of semisonic), and joe fiennes (although i only really like him in his shakespeare outfit).  and maybe matthew long from that new show jack and bobby.

so i open the forum.  share your freebies.


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  1. Don’t feel bad about the average age of your list being 41.2, the average age of most guy’s lists is probably about 18.5, so that makes up for it. Plus, the average age of my list would skyrocket due to the fact that I have always been totally in love with Robert Redford. I’ll try to think of 4 more people to add to the list, but right now I just don’t know.

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