i’m not as good at this as rin, but i’ll give it a try

1.   i think that thai chicken pizza from cpk is food of the gods.
2.  i’m always cold when i go to bed and hot when i wake up.
3.  danny is the opposite.
4.  which makes for difficult logistics regarding blankets and such.
5.  i still love the baz luhrman romeo and juliet, despite the corny sound effects when characters draw a gun.
6.  in fact, for a while i began to collect film adaptations of shakespeare.
7.  i only collected five.
8.  i love grocery shopping, especially late at night.  i feel like grocery shopping alone is a true sign of independence.
9.  i hate it when people lean over railings.  any type of railing.
10.  when i was little, my mom and i were at a department store.  she held my hand and stepped onto the escalator.  i didn’t step up.  it was a very frightening few seconds, suspended between the moving stairs and the first floor.
11.  my fear to step onto the escalator originated from a field trip to the airport, where the tour guide told us airport escalators are strong enough to suck in a five-year-old’s foot.
12.  during that same field trip, my dad returned from a business trip.  i saw him while we were still at the airport.
13.  when traveling, i’m not happy unless i’m at the airport at least two hours early.
14.  i hate my profile.
15.  i’m often convinced that people sitting next to me in class notice my horrible profile.
16.  my shakespeare professor at american told me that your favorite shakespeare play tells you something about your position in life.
17.  in high school my favorite was julius caesar, despite mrs. baker’s scary tests.
18.  in college it was hamlet.
19.  i don’t know what either of these say about my life.
20.  the fact that my brother is now a father is still weird to me.
21.  i convince myself at least twice a week that my admission to rice and subsequent survival of a semester were flukes.
22.  i convince myself at least twice a week that i’m going to land an awesome professorship after i get my phd because i’m just that damn smart.
23.  i’m afraid of all large things in the water.  this includes squid, sharks, whales, and some seals and fish.
24.  i broke my left radius bone running after an ice cream truck.
25.  and therefore in my dance recital pictures one year i’m wearing a bright pink cast.
26.  that year my class danced to a musical rendition of “i’m bringin home a baby bumblebee.”
27.  i’m a “ben” girl, too.
28.  my favorite memory of my grandfather is riding on his shoulders to the corner malt shop in franklin, tennessee.
29.  and i realize this sounds like a norman rockwell painting.
30.  but it’s true.
31.  the first time it snowed in franklin, i built a “snow caterpillar” with raisins for eyes and two carrots as antennae.
32.  in the morning, while it was melting, i sobbed at the breakfast table until my mom sent my brother out to take a picture of it.
33.  i still have the picture.
34.  i never played with barbie dolls.
35.  when the new kids were huge, i was in love with donnie wahlberg.
36.  i groaned while writing that.
37.  my dad actually took me to a new kids concert and even let me sit on his shoulders so i could see.
38.  every time i’ve left my apartment in the past week, i’ve been stopped by a train at the tracks a block away.
39.  these are quite possibly the slowest-moving trains in mechanical history.
40.  i hate the feeling of cotton in my fingernails.  and wet wool.
41.  i know everything there is to know about selling knives.
42.  and how to lie about how much i know regarding pots and pans.
43.  i learned both of these skills while working at crate and barrel, the best retail job i’ve ever had.
44.  i’m a horrible waitress.
45.  when i’m really stressed, i always dream about waitressing.
46.  eastern market, the einstein memorial, the mustard seed, and luna cafe are some of my favorite places in dc.
47.  i really hope to end up back in dc within the next ten years.
48.  or in a suburb in maryland or virginia.
49.  preferably maryland.
50.  i wish everyone would wave “thank you” when you let them over while driving.
51.  instead of giving people the finger out of road rage, i make a stupid face at them.
52.  if people catch you making a face at them while on the road, they’re much more insulted than if you had given them the finger.
53.  and they have a story to tell their friends at work.
54.  if these rude people even have any friends.
55.  i rarely cry at movies.  but i always cry at the end of my big fat greek wedding when her father gives her a deed to a house.  i realize that this is not a particularly moving moment, but i cry anyway.
56.  i also cry when sean connery is lost at madison square garden in finding forrester.
57.  this is a symptom of my extreme pity and sympathy for elderly people in vulnerable situations.
58.  and no,
 and , not when they are delivering pizza.
59.  i was so homesick my first semester at american that i felt physically ill.
60.  i now believe that going to school in dc was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made.
61.  yet i am positive that my college experience was nothing like that of my friends.
62.  i’m still not sure whether i’m okay with that or not.  but i guess it doesn’t matter now.
63.  i love going to hockey games.
64.  the best part of going to any sports event is the hot dogs.
65.  i don’t understand people who can read and enjoy hemingway.
66.  although i do understand people who don’t enjoy wuthering heights.
67.  i hated it the first time i read it.
68.  i loved it the second and third time.
69.  i’ve read heart of darkness four times.  three times for class.  i don’t even particularly like that book.
70.  while i had the same surprise sixteenth birthday party as rin, i mostly remember it because i broke up with my boyfriend.
71.  i think it’s funny now.  which is good.
72.  i ran into that boyfriend last year at nc state while i was a vista.  he looks exactly. the. same.
73.  no one should be allowed to wear a polo shirt with the collar turned up.
74.  when i was in first grade, i saw a classmate’s finger get slammed in the door.
75.  the finger was CUT OFF.
76.  the level-headed teacher wrapped it in a paper towel and put it in a plastic cup filled with ice.
77.  doctors were able to reattach it.
78.  i would not have been that level-headed.
79.  in fact, in general i’m not a very level-headed person in a crisis.
80.  i tend to have a panic attack.  and then i clean.
81.  i like the poetry of sharon olds.  and i’m not ashamed.  even though she compares her son’s butt to a hard apricot.
82.  most people in grad school call me victoria, not vicki.
83.  and i like it.  people can usually spell victoria correctly.
84.  i love to learn new things, but i prefer an environment where my mistakes will be invisible to others.
85.  in the next few years, i plan on learning how to play golf and a detailed account of the rise of the british empire.
86.  it is acceptable that i don’t know the first and unacceptable that i don’t know the second.
87.  in the past three years, i have only written one poem that i’m proud of.
88.  sometimes i worry that it was the only good poem my brain was destined to produce.
89.  i played the flute for seven years.  two of those years i played with the charlotte junior youth orchestra.
90.  i was a little afraid of the conductor.
91.  he was the first-chair violinist for the charlotte symphony orchestra.
92.  he often wore a tee-shirt that said “stop the violins.”
93.  i have never liked violins since.
94.  i’m afraid to put on eyeliner.  i don’t like things coming that close to my eye.
95.  my hands are my favorite part of my body.
96.  my favorite smell is old book bindings.
97.  sometimes i wonder if i should have stuck with journalism.
98.  but i think i’m better at what i’m doing now.
99.  i have had trouble sleeping almost every night since i started grad school.
100.  but staying up doing this isn’t helping matters.


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