i made the mistake of going to central market this afternoon while i was hungry, and instead of heading straight for the samples to stop the stomach rumblings before shopping (a clever tactic recommended by real simple magazine), i ended up with $20 worth of food when i only went for some fruit.  but i got some very delicious pumpkin muffins, a small bag of the best chocolate-covered raisins i’ve ever had (because i need chocolate immediately when i wake up), and some delicious-looking sesame noodle salad (which i will probably take to campus with me on thursday, my marathan-class day).

while i usually only go there for the produce, they have a really great bakery, as well.  they have king cakes right now for mardi gras.  maybe i’ll buy one.  i have a good friend at rice from louisiana, and i’m sure she would appreciate it.

there are only two things i don’t like about central market.  well, three.  (1) the parking is HORRENDOUS on the weekends.  you can always find a spot, but it might be about 50 miles away from the actual store.  (2)  they have a huge lobster tank full of very forlorn-looking lobsters.  i find this tank very depressing.  while i realize most grocery stores also have lobster tanks, this one is worse.  not only because it’s bigger, but because the clientele at central marked are more affluent and therefore more likely to buy these captive lobsters.  their time is short.  (3)  they have an enormous cheese section.  as someone who doesn’t like cheese, this is offensive in itself.  but the air reeks of the stinkiest, skankiest, most expensive cheese.  gick.

in school news, i am currently experiencing an academic high.  i was getting a little concerned, because while i definitely enjoyed my seminars (for the most part) last semester, i hadn’t found a particular topic that interested me to the point where i wanted to research and write on my own time.  and that kind of motivation is important — maybe not so much right now, since i have three classes demanding research and writing, but it will be later, when publishing will be the make-it-or-break-it of my job search.  but in the past week i’ve thought of TWO things that i’d really like to write about (or at least two broad but definitely worthwhile topics to consider).  which is dorky, yes, but also exciting.

well, it is officially danny’s last full month in iraq.  this is good news.  and it is always wise to end with good news.

words i can’t pronounce on first try:
1.  miscegenation
2.  solipsism
3.  individualistic


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