now that the iraqi election has passed, it has become as official as possible that danny’s coming home in about a  month and a half.  ::dance::  life is good on that front.

in other news, being the bachelorette addict that i am, i HAVE to say that jenn is the biggest idiot in the world for cutting ben.  ignore the horrible bio on the site and focus on the winning smile.

and i’m spent.  life is boring.  but i am looking for ways to pay my way to the material cultures conference in edinburgh.  this is what i’ve come up with so far, but if anyone has any ideas i’m game.

ways i’ve considered fundraising for my edinburgh trip:
1.  bake sale
2.  setting up a web site to beg for funds
3.  briefly converting to a bioengineering PhD candidate, just long enough to get the $8000 stipend hike
4.  selling my childhood troll collection on ebay
5.  entering the black market baby trade
6.  setting up a hidden camera in my profs’ offices long enough to obtain a juicy blackmail secret
7.  tap dancing on the street corner


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