yip yip yip.

so my friend sandy has a theory that you can tell a lot about a person by their favorite muppet.  while i’m sure there’s some annoying internet quiz that relates to this topic, i refuse to seek it out and instead rely on my own stealthy interpretation.

i, personally, am a fan of pepe the king prawn.

tell me your favorite muppet, i will tell you your destiny.  or i will at least say something bitingly sarcastic.


7 thoughts on “yip yip yip.

    • flake.

      i totally had a reply to this comment in my head, but it involved the medieval lit professor at american, and i CAN’T REMEMBER HIS NAME. i went to the web to look it up, but i don’t think he’s there anymore. which is weird. do you know who i’m talking about? white hair? beard? is really into medieval weaponry?

      anyway. i was going to comment on how when this particular prof speaks in old english he sounds JUST LIKE the swedish chef.

  1. Hello!!!

    I’m going to run away and join the circus! I like the alien muppets. And Kermit!!!! Chris does the best Kermit impression. See you tomorrow! ~J

    • Re: Hello!!!

      i have two things to say. no, wait. three.

      (1) i can’t believe you like the muppet aliens! my friend sandy does, too. i am SO scared of them. but sandy recently informed me that they have names — and their names are joe and bob alien. seriously. this makes me a little less trepidatious. (did i spell that right?)

      (2) next time i see chris, i must hear this impression.

      (3) for a few moments, i had NO idea who this comment was from. totally get it now. see what not having a first-years class this semester is doing? it’s DESTROYING our class unity!

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