things i’m excited about

i am the last 20-something in the planet to own a george foreman grill.  but now i do, and i love it.  i had a turkey burger for lunch and a grilled sherry pork chop for dinner.  i plan on making fajita veggies tomorrow, and i have big plans for some rosemary chicken later in the week.  i have enough george foreman zeal to be a product demonstrator on an infomercial.  i’d even be willing to wear an apron.

dr. patten finished grading our 19th century british fiction seminar papers, and he has (yay!) written extensive comments and put them in my mailbox (this would be a cause of worry and not excitement if i didn’t already know my grade).  he explained in a seminar-wide email that he reviewed each paper as if it had been submitted to SEL, the English scholarly journal that he edits.  which is awesome, because that means he was honest and professionally brutal, both of which i appreciate.  i like the fact that he’s treating us like scholars and not “students.”  when i grow up i want to be dr. patten.

i am finally almost done my methodologies paper.  i feel much better about it now, because i finally have an outline on paper and not just a something-i-might-write plan in my head.  it will probably be done by sunday.  i will have a party sunday night.  i have invited others, but i will drink wine whether they decide to attend or not.  three days of total irresponsibility and fun will follow, probably involving watching a lot of TLC in my pajamas and maybe visiting a few museums i never got around to last semester.

amazon free music downloads rock my world.  they have a big list of indie tracks right now.  many suck.  some are quite good.  i have found many new bands i like through amazon free music downloads.  i’ve even purchased a few CDs (most recently downpilot “leaving not arriving,” technically not purchased but rather received for christmas) based on these discoveries, something i rarely do.  the only disappointment: when i find a song that i hate with a very cool title.  case in point:  “without MSG i am nothing” by mclusky, off their album “difference between me & you is that i’m not on fire.”

i got a shelf from pier one for christmas that will require a drill to install.  i also got a whole set of drill bits.  i love my drill like a fat kid loves pie.


One thought on “things i’m excited about

  1. fat kids scare me

    i am such a bad person. i LOST your christmas card. i thought it was at home and then maybe in ny and it is GONE like stolen by the grinch. It was such a scandalous card. So when i find it i shall send it. Might end up being in May but have FAITH my george-foreman-grilling-pier one-shelf-drilling-sista. i got a cuisinart for Christmas. Just wait until you are A Married Woman. The wave of cuisinarts is truly unstoppable.

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