when the lights go down in the city

you know, i’m not posting as much while i’m home.  which is ironic, because i have much less to do.  this validates my theory that i only post when i have a backlog of at least 280 pages to read, usually in the space of 48 hours or less.  when my schedule involves eating chocolate at 10 a.m. while i watch dawson’s creek, LJ is on the back burner.

but for the past four days i’ve actually been in saint augustine, florida with my parents.  about two years ago, they purchased a plot of land in a resort complex called hammock beach.  it remains an empty plot, and they’re trying to decide whether or not to build.  i am decidedly pro-beach house.  and this says something about hammock beach, because i come to this conclusion despite the following undesirable things that occurred during this vacation:

1.  the drive down, which should take approximately 7.5 hours, took almost 11 hours due to football traffic.  damn bowl games.
2.  during these 11 hours i was subjected to my father’s choice of radio station.  thankfully we found an NPR station half-way there.
3.  the morning of our first full day there, the power went out for a full half-day.  there was not a cloud in the sky, yet it took 8 hours to fix.
4.  because of aforementioned power outage, our fancy-schmancy dinner reservation was cancelled and replaced by a buffet in the ballroom.
5.  buffet in the ballroom?  doesn’t sound so bad, you say.  but oh yes.  very bad.  it involved cold chicken fingers and screaming children.
6.  every woman who lives at this resort is at least 76% synthetic.  the remaining 24% is comprised of platinum hair dye and expensive resort-wear.
7.  the putt putt course on the grounds has real greens and sandtraps but no windmills, volcanoes, witty signage, or cement animals.

yet all in all it’s a very nice place.  i did enjoy one of the most exquisite steaks i’ve ever had (smothered in truffle butter… mmmmm…) and an extensive pedicure at the spa.  and the sand at hammock beach is beautiful — a peachy-orange color and, at least in december, not inhabited by the scary 300-pound hairy-backed men you usually find beached along the coast of south carolina.

in other news, my nephew andrew was baptized at saint matthew on december 26.  danny and i are the godparents (my dad had to stand in for danny).  i was a little tredpidatious arriving at the church because amy, andrew’s mother, was seriously considering immersing the baby rather than the usual quick sprinkle of holy water on the forehead.  thankfully she changed her mind.  and thankfully it would have been her job to do the dunking if she had remained committed to the dunk.  all i had to do was put my hand on her shoulder and hold a candle.

and that will be all for this evening.  in lieu of my usual list, i’m going to do the corny aunt thing and post pictures of my nephew.  because he’s the coolest cat ever.  but i will LJ cut for your pleasure.


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