days go by without warning or reply

so i’ve made the big winter break relocation back to the east coast.  things are good.  if only i didn’t still have that damn methodologies seminar paper to write.

on saturday and i went to the last athenaeum concert to be performed in charlotte.  it’s a little strange (although not unexpected) that they’re breaking up.  it feels like i’m breaking up with my high school boyfriend.  although when i made that observation to bee at the concert she pointed out how inaccurate the metaphor is, since i didn’t break up with my high school boyfriend.  i’m marrying him.  and i’m not marrying athenaeum, individually or collectively.  but i have to say, there’s something about a guy with a guitar on stage that wins me over every time.  during the concert i was seriously contemplating marrying mark kano, until he played “hourglass,” which he wrote for his wife (and which is my new favorite athenaeum song… alas, no more new favorites to come).  and i remember feeling ready to walk down the aisle with dan brown of semisonic during a show at the 9:30 club in dc.  never mind that dan brown is not only married but twice my age.  and he has kids.

ooo.  apparently dan brown has written a book, too.  a writer and a musician.

of course, such infatuations are only temporary.  i have someone more permanent in mind.  now i just need to get him back in the states. 

and tomorrow aforementioned bee and i will be visiting a few possible wedding reception sites.  the westin and the hyatt near southpark.  i’m not so sure about the hyatt, but the wedding coordinator at the westin was extremely nice and very on-the-ball.  we’ll see what it actually looks like tomorrow and discover all of the wonderful hidden fees involved in wedding packages.  and i’m wary of having the reception at a hotel.  they all kind of look the same.  but they just seem so organized.  and i have time to look at pretty much every option i’d like to consider before making my decision.  i’m still planning visits to the hilton at university (although i’m thinking no on that one), the river run country club (way out of my budget but worth a look), byron’s south end, the doubletree, the charlotte museum of history (which isn’t in the best part of town, but looks possibly fun and unique), and quite a few others that i’m sure i haven’t even thought of yet.

well i suppose i should try sleeping sometime soon.  but in closing,

interesting observations from my houston-charlotte flight:
1.  no one should be allowed to eat beef jerkey on an airplane.  the whole cabin smelled like a slim jim.
2.  only on a flight from texas would aforementioned jerkey situation be a problem.
3.  americorps volunteers are now being featured in fashion ads in magazines.  i was never offered this opportunity, and i’m bitter about it.
4.  when i’m assigned to a middle seat, my row is always full.  when i luck out and get a window, i have the whole aisle to myself.
5.  if you’re sleeping when they pass out the mini pretzels, there should be some system in place in which you can claim them post-nap.



3 thoughts on “days go by without warning or reply

  1. Good luck with the reception site thing. I had mine at Byrons and it was very well run. The Westin is supposed to be nice too (we looked into it but they had a big convention or something that weekend). Hotels do *seem* to run smoothly but every once in a while you hear about the horror story when they’ve booked 2 events in the same room seemingly for different time slots and one runs over while the other starts earlier and it’s mass chaos. That happened to one of the ladies I work with and her daughter’s reception at the Hilton at Tyvola & 77. The Doubletree at SouthPark was also an option for us but they also already had an event booked. Anyway, good luck!

    • no way about the hilton thing! my mom has a friend whose daughter had her reception there. that is totally horrible, and it’s one of my concerns about hotels. the good thing about the westin is that you can stay as late as you want, so they wouldn’t book an event after me. the bad thing is that there might be an event right next to me, just beyond one of those ballroom temporary walls.

      was there a particular person you worked with at byron’s? that place looks really cute.

  2. temporary ballroom walls are definately ick. during my friends reception at the adams mark there was a miliary ball going on down the hall and we could still hear their music. blech. we worked with this guy justin at byron’s. for as good of a reputation that they have (they even did the nordstroms opening party) they have a relatively small permanent staff and they hire out college kids for setting up (which at one point included josh carpenter until he came down with an uncontrollable disagreement with his new-found diabetes and couldnt handle the manual labor) and other more reputable part-timers on the side for the manning of catering stations (including my 7-year-old sister-in-law’s 2nd grade teacher, quite bizarre) and during-party pick-up. However the bartender is outsourced (I’m saying this because she had a tip jar out {open bar} which was taken away immediately after arrival by my father, who semi-calmly told her to take it away).

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