preparing for departure

i can never sleep the night before i travel somewhere.  it’s not nerves.  i’m not afriad of flying.  i just get restless.  and i get the munchies.  pre-travel is my marijuana.  which has put me in a particularly annoying situation this evening, since i have NO food to speak of in my apartment.  i have saltines, kix, butter, three pieces of bread, some very old beer, and pancake syrup.

of course, i do have some das kamet.  i could drink myself to sleep.  because that’s, ya know, healthy.

but i’m looking forward to going home, even if the pack-and-travel is a pain.  it’s just strange leaving here for three weeks at a time.  this isn’t college anymore, and my apartment in houston isn’t a dorm.  i feel like my life is going to be on pause while i’m home (especially since i won’t have my own car… dammit).  of course, i’m looking forward to seeing my family, to andrew’s baptism, to going to saint augustine (i’ve actually never been to the beach in the winter), to seeing all my girls (!), to eating food i didn’t pay for and using electricity with economic abandon. 

at the same time, i’m also pathetically excited about next semester’s seminars.  i’ve been compulsively checking the course site for the postcolonial seminar on 18th century brit lit, hoping that dr. joseph has posted the updated reading list so i can start finding cheap copies online.  she posted it on the bulletin board in the english department.  this is useless to me during winter break.  useless i say!

but to make life a little more exciting, danny called two days ago and told me that the army has scheduled an actual date when his division is supposed to get on an airplane and come home.  of course, this date remains completely meaningless, really, until they have actually taken off (the unit they replaced had already gotten on a plane to come home when it was announced that they were staying a few months longer).  nonetheless, it’s a date.  i just won’t pen it into my calendar quite yet.

well, off to read i go.  recreational reading that is.  ::gasp::

oh, and after watching for better or for worse on tlc tonight, my list is…

wedding things i’ve decided on already:
1.  the dress.  i plan on visiting it over christmas so it doesn’t get lonely.
2.  the reception site.  that is, if the shriners don’t sell it.
3.  table centerpieces (pumpkins with mums on the tables, and jack o’lanterns on the brick walkway leading to the door, carved with patterns danny designs…  probably our monogram, some autumnal things, some reference to rice and uncc, etc.)
4.  the transportation..
  but with different flowers.


2 thoughts on “preparing for departure

  1. a note about old beer/food

    You might have some very old beer, but I still have beer in the fizzle fridge from HALLOWEEN 2003!! So were we to have a contest regarding who has he skankiest beer, I think I would win. But since it’s partially your beer too, then it would technically be a skanky beer tie. 🙂 Additionally, I just threw out a package of turkey dogs that expired 9/2003. Awesome. To be fair, they were in the freezer, but still… However, my crowning glory regarding old food is the package of Cream of Wheat that I bought first semester senior year of college from the Wisconsin ave. Safeway. My mom packed it up when I moved out at the end of the year, and then RE-packed it when I moved to the fizzle, and it is STILL IN MY CABINET!! My plan is to keep it until law school graduation, and the move it wherever I go. Just so I can tell the story. 🙂

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