celebrate good times

i just drove to campus and turned in my seminar papers for jane austen and 19th century british fiction.  woohoo!

of course, methodologies is still hanging over my head, but it’s not due for quite some time.  i might just leave it until after christmas.  why?  because i can.

i had to go solo on celebration, since a lot of my friends here are either still immersed in their work or already homeward bound.  so i went out to lunch at jason’s deli and then allowed myself to buy a new book (a really new one — from borders, not half-price books) that was actually written in the 1900s!  i got end of the affair by graham greene.  i saw an exhibit on greene at the harry ransom center for the humanities when i went to UT austin for research.  a really interesting guy, and a book that is easy enough to get through but still important.  and i can rent the movie when i’m done.

i wanted to get possession by a. s. byatt, since it’s simultaneously a book written in the 1900s and a book that deals with victorian poetry, but borders didn’t have it in stock.  wtf?  it was made into a movie with gwyneth paltrow, people.

so now i find myself with very little to do, which is strange.  i’ve been watching a lot of tv.  i have this creeping guilty feeling about not doing work, even though i really don’t have any work to do.

things that will always be sexy:
1. robert redford and colin firth
2. a man who really knows how to dance
3. danny sitting at his drawing table


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