one of the scariest feelings i have had as a grad student is when a seminar paper is going extremely well.

i’ve just spent about two hours leafing through my oxford edition of emma (not to be confused with my now useless and completely inadequate-without-scholarly-notes barnes & noble classics edition of emma).  it is now decorated with color-coded post-its.  i was amazed at how seamlessly my hypothesis and the text fit together.  i walked away with only three larger post-its containing moments of panic written in bold sharpie marker (BUT OH NO!  HOW DOES DR. PERRY FIT INTO ALL OF THIS!?!).  i am now convinced that jane austen wrote emma as part of some strange, psychic plan to score me an A on my foucault paper.  jane is my bitch, yo.

but all of this is bad.  very bad.  such ease in planning a paper is sure to result in total and complete thesis dissolution during the actual composition of the paper.  if aunty jane foresaw my foucault paper, i foresee a mental breakdown in the very near future.

and another reason paper-planning success is bad:  it has revealed to my new neighbor (just moved in yesterday) that i’m a weirdo and freak who must be avoided at all costs, even when in dire need of borrowing sugar.  i’m sure my sporadic squeals of delight and AHA!s were disturbing her as she incessantly hammered things into her walls.

but i think i’m handling my first finals week in graduate school with an expected balance of finesse and panic.  i’m a good 20 pages into my emily bronte/pseudonym paper.  my only regret is that my fellow first-year grad students don’t use AIM (who are these people?).  i can’t read their away messages to see if they’re hard at work or watching lifetime movies featuring a homicidal yet saccharine kellie martin.  not that they would admit if they were.  liars.

back by popular demand (of myself), the :
1.  waverley by sir walter scott
2.  vanity fair by william thackeray
3.  wuthering heights by emily bronte
4.  tale of two cities by charles dickens
5.  north and south by elizabeth gaskell
6.  dr. jekyll and mr. hyde by robert louis stevenson
7.  new grub street by george gissing
8.  the warden by anthony trollope
9.  various victorian short stories
10.  sense and sensibility by jane austen
11.  pride and prejudice by jane austen
12.  northanger abbey by jane austen
13.  emma by jane austen
14.  mansfield park by jane austen
15.  persuasion by jane austen
16.  sanditon by jane austen
17.  jane austen’s juvenilia
18.  bridget jones’ diary by heather fielding
19.  professing literature by gerald graff
20.  professional correctness by stanley fish
21.  the employment of english by michael berube
22.  discipline and punish by michel foucault
23.  the faces of anonymity edited by robert j. griffin


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