It’s Friday night. 

-How many pairs of converse do you own:  None.  I used to have a black pair in middle school
-What 3 things would aide in trying to seduce you:  confidence, a sense of humor, and dessert
-What 3 things would aide in you falling in love:  same as above
-What genre of music do you say you listen to the most:  I second — the “Recommended by Friends” genre
-Cats or Dogs: both
-Boys or Girls or Both: Boys.
-Have you ever been called superficial: Not to my face.  Possibly behind my back.
-Do you think you’re attractive:  Meh.  Maybe.
-Do you believe in astrology:  No.
-Have you ever wanted to move far away spontaneously:  Yep.
-Do you believe that there is “the one” out there? :  I don’t really buy the soul mate thing.  But I found a great guy, anyway.
-Do watch reality Television:  Yes.
-Have you ever admitted that before:  Yes.  There is no reason to be ashamed.  America’s Next Top Model is classic.
-Have you ever gone to meet someone off line before:  No.
-Do you think you ever would or would you do it again:  Probably not.
-Do you love your family:  Of course.
-What is your favorite CD right now:  Carbon Leaf, Indian Summer
-What is the most important physical attribute of opposite sex:  shoulders and back… mmmm…
-Did you have a mullet when you were younger:  No, but sometimes I wish I had.
-Have you ever had sex with an ex:  Nope.
-When was the last time you got sick from drinking too much:  my 21st birthday
-Would you date somebody that smoked if you didnt or dont:  Probably not.
-Whats your favorite ethnic food: Indian. 
got me hooked on sweet red pepper and coconut marinade.  Mmmmm.
-How many vinyl records do you own?  None.
-If you had to move somewhere because you fell in love would you:   Yes.
[x]Places have you lived in::  Eight.  I lived in IL twice, but in 2 different cities (and in TN in between).
[x]People are you talking to right now?::  0
[x]Times have you been in a car today?::  2
[x]Different kinds of meat have you eaten?::  5
[x]Shows have you been to this month?::  1
[x]Friends would you call “close”?::  6 
Have You Ever…
[x]Mooned anyone::  no, but i was mooned by dan gross in high school
[x]Been to a foreign country::  yes, but it was cancun, mexico, which doesn’t seem to count
[x]Broken a bone::  yes, my left radius bone, running after an ice cream truck.
[x]Swallowed a tooth/cap/filling::  yes.  and a bracket from my braces when they were putting them on.
[x]swear at a teacher::  i don’t think so.
[x]Got in a fight::  not a physical one.
[x]Dated a teacher::  nope.
[x]Laughed so hard you peed your pants::  no.  but if i had, i probably wouldn’t say it here.
[x]Thought about killing your enemy::  in donkey kong, super mario bros., and my jane austen class, yes.
[x]Gone skinny dipping::  no.  but i plan to.
[x]Told a little white lie::  yes.
[x]Told a secret you swore not to tell::  i’m sure i have sometime.  is it bad that i can’t remember?
[x]Stolen anything::  yes.  a traffic cone, after one aborted attempt.
[x]Been on TV::  yes. 
[x]Been on the radio::  nope.
[x]Been in a mosh pit::  nope.
[x]Been to a concert::  yes.
[x]Dated one of your best friends::  nope.
[x]Loved someone so much it made you cry::  yes.
[x]Deceived somebody close to you::  again, probably.  can’t remember.  i’m evil.
[x]Broken the law::  i don’t think so…
[x]Been to a rodeo::  yes.
[x]Been on a talk show::  nope.
[x]Been on a game show::  no, but i’ve been in the audience.
[x]Been on an airplane::  yes.
[x]Got to ride on a firetruck::  nope.
[x]Came close to dying::  i was picked up from the tucson airport in an unmarked white van and driven into the desert at 1 a.m.  i think that counts.
[x]Gave someone a piggy back ride::  yes.
[x]Terrorized a babysitter::  no, but i’ve been terrorized as a babysitter.
[x]Made a mud pie::  yes.
[x]Had a dream that you’re falling off a cliff::  all the time.
[x]Snuck out of the house at night::  nope.
[x]Had an eating disorder::  nope.
[x]Felt like you didn’t belong::  oh yeah.
[x]Felt like the 3rd wheel::  yes.
[x]Been arrested::  nope.
[x]Had your tonsils removed::  nope.
[x]Gone to camp::  yes.  camp pocanoca.  and i hated it with the fire if a thousand suns.
[x]Won a bet::  yes.
[x]Written a love letter::  yes.
[x]Gone out of your way to be with the one you love::  yes.
[x]Written a love poem::  yes.
[x]Kissed in the rain::  yes.
[x]Slow danced with someone you love::  yes.
[x]Asked a friend for relationship advice::  yes.
[x]Had a friend that stole your bf/gf::  no.
[x]Watched the sunset/rise with someone you love::  yes.
[x]Won a trophy::  i AM the UDA drill down queen.
[x]Thrown up in public::  unfortunately yes.
[x]Got perfect attendance in grade school::  no way.
[x]Roasted pumpkin seeds::  no.
[x]Taken ballet/karate lessons::  yes.


2 thoughts on “

    • it isn’t nearly as exciting as i made it sound. for a while danny was stationed in fort huachuca, new mexico. you have to fly into tucson and then take a two-hour shuttle ride to get there. the first time i visited, i got into tucson around 2 a.m. there are only one or two shuttle services to the fort, and they’re all sketchy. a guy picked me up at the airport… no uniform, no sign, just a wifebeater and some muddy khaki shorts. and he brought me to this white unmarked van and drove me out into the pitch-black deserts of new mexico. i thought i was going to die.

      until we got to the hotel.

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