i been lost and desperate on the phone

i just went to see the second bridget jones movie with some people from my jane austen class.  it was pretty good… not as fabulous as the first one, and certainly not nearly as faithful of a reading of its respective jane austen novel, but fun nonetheless.  i got annoyed at one particular plot development, but i will not divulge it here in case someone hasn’t seen it yet.  in any case, it’s always fun to watch colin firth for a few hours.  so dreamy.

the whole movie-on-a-weeknight thing has really disoriented me.  now i’m sitting at home at 10:00 on a wednesday night.  i haven’t done my reading for methodologies tomorrow.  and i’m certainly not making any progress on gissing’s new grub street, which is almost 600 pages and due on tuesday.  a 600-page book this late in the semester (with an accompanying presentation, to ensure that we all read it), is just cruel.  but instead of working, i will regale you with the…

current soundtrack of my life (stolen shamelessly from fellow bloggers on xanga):

the shining badly drawn boy
caravan rachel portman
hate to say i told you so the hives
one prairie outpost carbon leaf
on a high duncan sheik
collide howie day
brushfire fairy tales jack johnson
everybody’s changing keane
strange condition pete yorn
follow semisonic
pictures of you the cure
when i look to the sky train
the district sleeps alone tonight the postal service
birdhouse in your soul they might be giants
somewhere in ohio the jayhawks

things in life i don’t question:
1.  the source of the strange colors in the bowl after eating some fried rice from hunan village
2.  my decision to go to graduate school.  i wanted it too long before i got it to have any doubts now.
3.  whether or not to eat the arby’s sandwich.
4.  whether or not to eat the second arby’s sanwich.
5.  the strange attire worn by any professor
6.  if i’ll be able to finish my seminar papers in time…  it’s better not to ask yourself that…


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