i know wedding plans are kind of monotonous for most people, but i found out that the oasis shriners in charlotte are selling their temple property, which just sucks because (a) i wanted to have my reception there, and (b) it’s FREE to rent.  and it’s just so pretty:


i’m hoping that they sell it but continue to rent it out for receptions.  i wouldn’t mind some new management — the current shriner who handles reservations seems a little too indifferent for my tastes — but i really like the nonexistent price tag.

all right.  off to watch bridget jones on tbs!


One thought on “

  1. let’s storm the place

    I say that we all show up for your wedding, dressed up and ready to go, whether or not they’re expecting us. We’ll do a trial run first, complete with river dancing and everything.

    And wedding plans are NOT monotonous. Plan away!

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