day of rest. bah.

sunday nights suck for many reasons.  just ask  for the appropriate quote from my so-called life.  but one of the many reasons sunday nights suck is because i  cannot fall asleep when i should.  i see those precious minutes of sleep ticking away — minutes that i will long for once the alarm clock goes off in the morning — but i can’t for the life of me fall asleep.  this is partially because i didn’t wake up this morning until 10:30.  and it’s also because by the time sunday night rolls around i’ve worked myself up into a twitching, cantankerous bundle of grad-student nerves.

now that my first semester of graduate school is rapidly coming to a close, i’m considering sending professor sha (affectionately known as little ricky by many close friends) an e-mail.  at the end of my senior year, he took me out to an embarassingly expensive dinner at obelisk to celebrate the completion of my senior thesis (because we sure as hell weren’t celebrating any grad school acceptances at that point in my life).  he asked me what i thought the strengths and weaknesses of AU’s literature program were.  at the time i could make a relatively intelligent response, but now i REALLY know how to answer.  but i’m afraid such an email would seem presumptuous and rude.  we’ve had some inconsistent contact since i graduated, so it wouldn’t be strange to contact him.  but contacting him to explain why certain aspects of the department that employs him suck is quite another manner.

well, it’s nearly 1 a.m.  i suppose i should get some sleep, since i have to work at the journal tomorrow morning.  to allay some of those sunday night blues, my list will be:

four recent pieces of good news:
1.  my nephew, andrew (aka baby ford), was finally taken off oxygen last week!   now that’s a reason to eat at obelisk!
2.  i got an A on the first draft of my jane austen midterm.  now everyone cross your fingers that the same gods smile on my methodologies midterm.
3.  target now sells wine.
4.  my 19th century seminar topic was approved not only as acceptable but as an “original” topic that has not yet been addressed, as far as anyone knows, in the scholarly world.  kick ass.


One thought on “day of rest. bah.

  1. Yay for Andy and Tarjay!

    Good for little Andy! (or bubba was it?) How exciting. He’ll be writing poetry and driving in days I know it.
    And Target sells wine. That is truly enough to make my day. By the way don’t be shocked if my mother “cawls” you. She wants to “set up a tawem to get togedah when she and my dad aaaaah in texas” (NY accent added). Not sure if that is a promise or a threat…but they will not be bringing Gram and thus you should be safe.

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